Gojira + Code Orange + Car Bomb @ O2 ABC, Glasgow

Gojira + Code Orange + Car Bomb

@ O2 ABC, Glasgow

March 17, 2017

Review & photography by Gavin Lowrey

A wet and windy St Patrick’s Day at the ABC in Glasgow was the setting for the latest date on Gojira’s Magma UK Tour, a date that, with the 10pm curfew, means the very early start time 0f 6.30pm for the first band of the evening, Car Bomb (8/10)

The New York quartet’s unique form of progressive math core/hardcore punk quickly warms up the audience, and despite the small stage space and short time available to them, they really put in a great performance.

Their sound is musically challenging, sometimes disorientating, and certainly full of rage (if you imagine Blain in Predator going full blast on “Ol’ Painless” you’ll kind of get what I mean) and gives a great opening to the evening, and I would really like the chance to see them perform a longer set to really see what they are made of.

Next up were Code Orange from Pensylvania (8/10), again a metal core/punk outfit, slightly more polished than car Bomb but equally as violent.

Bizarrely, the track that stood out for me was not one full of the anger, but the slightly haunting and Alice in Chains -esque “Bleeding in the Blur” sung by guitar live wire Reba Meyers. Again, too short of a set, so what we got was only a taste of their music. But what a taste it was!

Having seen Gojira (11/10) twice already in the last 8 months, once at the Hydro in Glasgow, and once at Hellfest, I knew we were in for a treat, but what the crowd were treated to on this evening was truly spectacular.

The lights went down and almost immediately Mario Duplantier starts to belt out the drum intro to “Only Pain”. Now, given that as I am about to start my photo duties, and I am about a foot away from the PA, this intro is a somewhat more intense than the muffled song intro on their latest album, and gives me goosebumps of the turbo charged variety

An instant circle pit forms as Joe Duplantier launches his vocals and the place literally goes apeshit. I am lucky enough to go to a lot of shows and the sheer force and the aura of intensity coming off the stage was literally unbelievable, some may say a force of nature

The excellent ‘Magma” album forms the basis for the set, with fan favourites like “The Heaviest Matter of the Universe” and “Flying Whales” putting a cherry on the top of the evening, but the coup de grâce is delivered by the closer “Toxic Garbage Island” with it’s tidal wave of power covering the crowd and sending them home happy if not somewhat early due to the ridiculous curfew in place.

The band are ridiculously tight in their delivery and performance, Mario Duplantier’s drumming is insane and bassist Jean-Michel Labadie spent the entire show with a massive grin in his face, a man genuinely happy in his work. And before we all realise it, Joe Duplantier is thanking the audience for their support and its time to go home, but at least we are happy in the knowledge that we have all witnessed something epic.

01. Only Pain
2. Heaviest
3. Stranded
4. Flying Whales
5. Orage
6. The Cell
7. Backbone/Remembrance
8. Terra Incognita
9. L’enfant Sauvage
10. Shooting Star
11. Toxic Garbage Island
12. Pray
13. Oroborus
14. Vacuity



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