Behemoth – Evangelia Heretika (DVD)

Reviewed: February 2017
Released: 2010, Metal Blade
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP


Behemoths first DVD featuring two concerts, nine videos, extras and an audio CD.

I’m going to preface this DVD with a bit of history. Behemoth, to me is one of the truly elite Black/symphonic bands. Every nation has that one main band in this style that started as a pure Black Metal band but evolved in look, sound and style and morphed into a way more successful version of themselves. Portugal has Moonspell, Greece has Rotting Christ, Norway has Dimmu Borgir, England has Cradle of Filth and so on and of course Poland has Behemoth. It’s odd, I admire and respect Behemoth but for whatever unknown reason I just don’t follow them as closely as the aforementioned bands. I have both recent Behemoth books and really enjoy them but I don’t actually own all the Behemoth albums. I only own four of their ten studio albums (to date) so I’m still a bit of a novice with the band. When I saw this DVD on sale for a good price, I decided to get it and try to reacquaint myself with arguably one of the biggest Black Metal bands on the planet. This DVD is a good starting point.

EVANGELIA HERETIKA is a nice three disc (2 DVD, 1 CD) set that comes housed in an attractive fold-out, digipak style. There is a 16-page booklet with tons of photos and all the liner notes. Disc I is two concerts and the CD is the audio of one of the concerts on Disc I. My version is the North American Metal Blade version and it is all really well put together.

As mentioned DVD I is a pair of concerts, France in 2008 and Poland in 2009. The France show, recorded on the European Apostasy tour, is just the video of the already released live album AT THE ARENA OV AION-LIVE APOSTASY, (Regain, 2008) so it is not really ‘new’. The second show was recorded on the Evangelion tour and thankfully there is very little crossover between the sets. Both are well-done multi-camera shots and both have excellent production values. The cuts are quicker and special effects are more prominent in the Polish show, making just a bit more visually interesting in my opinion.

DVD II is in my mind a bit more interesting. It has all the Behemoth videos made up to that point, all nine of them, listed correctly in chronological order. There is some bonus material, specifically five ‘making of the video’ segments, which all cool for all the people who like to see the behind the scenes stuff and how videos are made. I don’t focus on these as much as I feel it takes a bit of the mystery and magic away from the final product. You can certainly see an increase in budget and production value in the videos over the years and some of those sacrilicious (sacrilegious + delicious=sacrilicious) babes in the videos are easy on the eyes. These videos are certainly not for children!

The main focus, in my opinion of DVD II are two documentaries both almost an hour long each. The first titled ‘Evangelia Nova’ is essentially a tour documentary with a mix of interviews and backstage stuff. There seemed to be lots of footage putting on corpse-paint! The second documentary is called ‘ De Arte Heretika’ and is basically the same as the first. It is anchored by interviews with all the band members and inter-spliced is backstage, tour bus footage, and the standard drunken antics. There was one scene when Nergal went to talk to some Christians who were protesting one of the shows that was very interesting but the audio was so poor you couldn’t really get a sense of what could have been quite a conversation. Both documentaries had some commentary on a horrible Canadian tour they did in the winter playing a lousy venues to very few people and as Nergal said, “and two reindeer and an owl’. The documentaries while entertaining were not exceptional, unless you really like watching drunk people on a tour bus yell at the camera.

EVANGELIA HERETIKA is really a very well-done and complete package looking at Behemoth during their ascension past their more primitive Black Metal roots to the globe-trotting juggernaut they are today.


No Videos Available

Track Listing:
Disc 1

Live In Warsaw (2009)

Live in Paris (2008)

Disc 2-Documentaries & Bonus Videos

1. Evangelia Nova 56:51 (Documentary)
2. De Arte Heretic 55:45 (Documentary)
3. Decade of Therion (video)
4. As Above So Below (video)
5. Conquer All (video)
6. Slaves Shall Serve (video)
7. Prometherion (video)
8. At the Left Hand Ov God (video)
9. Inner Sanctum (video)
10. Ov Fire and the Void (video)
11. Alas, Lord Is upon Me (video)

Misc Extras

Disc 3 CD Audio of Warsaw Show.

Technical Details:
Format Reviewed:
Run Time: 5 hours, 35 minutes
Screen: n/a
Sound: n/a
Production Year: 2010