Night Ranger – 35 Years And A Night In Chicago

Reviewed: January 2017
Released: 2016, Frontiers Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

There has been a huge amount of great live albums released in 2016, so I thought I would close off the year by reviewing a few of the more recent ones in a mini-feature. So, sit back, grab a warm beverage and feel free to enjoy live tunes by Night Ranger, Tesla, In Flames, and Saxon.

Long running California hard rockers Night Ranger have been as busy in the last six years (since 2010) as they have ever been. Sure, the heights of their early ‘80s success are not likely to be duplicated, but the band has rediscovered a loyal audience, enabling them to tour and release two acclaimed albums (2012’s GROWING UP IN CALIFORNIA and 2014’s HIGH ROAD), as well as a live acoustic album. Now, 35 years into their career, the band has documented the occasion with full electric live album, recorded at Chicago’s esteemed House of Blues.

The album features 17 cuts (plus intro), obviously focused on the band’s successful trio of early albums (DAWN PATROL, MIDNIGHT MADNESS, and 7 WISHES); although they do manage to insert a new song (“Day & Night”) plus one each off their two recent albums. It’s a condensed look at the band’s career but certainly a crowd-pleasing one that features all the hits.

As for the sound, it’s excellent with nice clear tone on the instruments, clear separation of the vocalists and well-integrated crowd noise. It really pulls you into the concert environment and you can hear how much fun the band is having with little stories and jokes etc. There’s no joke musically however, as each member flawlessly executes his part. Gillis, who’s guitar histrionics have always been a highlight of the band, still shines here with shimmering lead work. Vocally, both Keagy and Blades are on point and still hit all the high notes.

The album comes off exactly as it’s meant to: a celebration of Night Ranger’s legacy and music. It’s a fun, upbeat set that documents a talented band still at the height of their musical powers; it’s definitely worth a look for hard rock enthusiasts and a must have for Night Ranger fans.


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Track Listing:
Disc 1:
1. Intro
2. Touch of Madness
3. Sing Me Away
4. Four in the Morning
5. Growing Up in California
6. Rumors in the Air
7. Secret of My Success
8. Sentimental Street
9. High Road
10. Eddie’s Coming Out Tonight

Disc 2:
1. Goodbye
2. Day & Night
3. Night Ranger
4. When You Close Your Eyes
5. Don’t Tell Me You Love Me
6. Penny
7. Sister Christian
8. Rock in America

Jack Blades: Vocals, Bass
Brad Gillis: Guitar
Keri Kelli: Guitar
Eric Levy: Keyboards
Kelly Keagy: Vocals, Drums