Fall Of Summer Festival


from a spanish band that show us what is happening: the festivals
close their gates for next year, bands back home, and people the same
thing, but some clever guys said: “no way” This is not the end, we
need something more until the sun disappear, the winter coming and we
only have the chance to go to indoor events. So said and done, they
create a festival in September focus in the extreme sounds who will be
amazing for the people who love these sounds: black, death, grind,
thrash and so on. From this crazy idea born FALL OF THE SUMMER, the
last chance to experience an outdoor festival in a Beautiful place
close to the main city Paris, with great bands, amazing atmosphere,
and the best way to say goodbye to summertime activities.

Pics and article by Inaki Campos


Ok, its time to focus in the festival: only 2 days, PERFECT, only 2 stages EVEN MORE PERFECT, and time to check all the bands with 5-10 minutes between the stages. good sound, good atmosphere and fantastic line up, so lets go. alicia20low As sometimes happened when you travel so much, its the things happened, more and more, and the delays of flights, losing with your car trying to cross Paris and many other classic events occurred, so the first day we arrive late and we missed a lot of bands we want to see like MASSACRA TRIBUTE SHOW, that people told was very interesting, but nothing special; MANILLA ROAD good show; VADER, after 23 times seeing the band i know what to expect, great brutal death metal in the old school way, and yes finally afters hours and hours, we arrived to the place to see the final of RIOT V, and preparing to see with a lot desire but doubts because 20 years later, with all the things that happend in between, all the changes in their sound from black, to electronic stuff, the leaving of most of the members of the band, except Voprh. and Xy, Ok perhaps the pilars of the band… SAMAEL playing his masterpiece CEREMONY OF OPPOSITES, when they play black Metal in the current time is an amazing challenge. finaloftheshowlow


From the beginning to the end we have the chance to see a band with a lot of desire to please the old and new school people reunited there and indeed they got it. Sound very good, an amazing lighting stuff, we lot of different strobes, front, back lights who make them more interesting and then listening tracks like Ceremony of Opposites, Flagellation, of the mighty Baphomets Throne back us to the old time when black metal rules the world. Without trying to breath a little bit one of the most extreme band of the line up waiting us in the second stage, this one improve a lot from the other years, bigger, sound much better, Fantastic! REVENGE, or maybe the grindcore version of a black metal band on the bill, almost left us deaf and dead. the sound was insane, crazy, and not the best, the songs are very lineal and at the end, boring, so we decided to skip after 4 songs and look for a place to another band that we want to see again, and see what kind of show they can make it, this time no the Gothic complete, but a mix of all their career and expect the performance of his singer Nick Holmes. Now Imagine that in your neighborhood a local band gonna play their song, with a crappy sound and not the best attitude, this was the beginning of the show a big WTF? sounds horrible, like a amateur band and with Nick Holmes with no voice, only maintain because they have an amazing guitarist Gregor, also a good vocalist in an amazing band, also a good Bass player, but i don’t like the current drummer, at least the one the played that nite. The setlist was cool but lack of power, with songs like Gothic, As I Die, Embers Fire, Pity of Sadness, sounds not in the best way… Another Paradise Lost to forget… But we finished in the best way possible after the disaster of the previous band. We back to the 80´s with one of this classic band that still alive after all these years and survived to the new wave of thrash metal bands and many other things. The problem of this band was appeared in the worst time, and it was the some case of so many great bands that maybe they don’t have lucky enough, and always would be remembered for being undervalued in we compared with other bands. That Tonite after many years out of the scene they back on track to show us they great speed/thrash with attitude, without no mercy and sound amazing and put on fire all the crowd that waiting their performance when if was almost midnight. With only one member still crushing with his riffs from the original line up Tony Portaro, in the almost one hour of their performance demonstrated more than many bands playing more time, or many years. A brutal drummer, and a good Bass Player completed this re-union of this classic old school band from the east coast that show us how to Thrash in the old way. Great end of a crazy day, and we have another one waiting for us, so its time to go to bed, dreaming with sweet angels in lingerie and….



Second day and last one, and its seems summer time didn’t want to leave us, because sun hit us very hard during all the day and we could see so many faces burn by the sun, amazing, cos we were in September but the climate change is a fucking reality and we suffered in our heads and body. But suddenly everything turned black and dark and not because the weather, but because one of the most obscure, depressive and oppressive band appeared on the stage SKEPTICISM. Their show was a profund lament of funeral doom that made us almost cut our wrists, because his music is pure anguish, desolation and if you are a fan of funeral doom, you need to check out and die in peace!!!!! The sun was hitting hard and we have 2 options: dying because dehydration or trying to get powers eating very well food, well, not so very good, but better than the one that was calling in the event, so we choose eat like pigs because the best bands will be prepared to kill us with his music like MEMORIAM did. We know Bolt Thrower is dead, but his legacy will prevail forever, and this new project with members of the same ones and Benediction is more than a tribute to his memory and we really enjoy his classic death metal like a tornado. Sonaron los pocos temas que tienen disponibleso como era normal algun classic de los Bolt como Spearhead y Powder Burns, where we could see how Karl feel about this new adventure, totally involved. Despite the sun burning our bodies, and all the people drinking as much as they can, we really enjoy the show and we cant wait for more of this new band. Its time to back to classic attack of black thrash from the already established NIFELHEIM full of chains, spinks and everything they gave us a masterclass of how a band don’t need more than full of energy and attitude to destroy our brains. Black Thash armageddon in 50 minutes without no mercy with all the band moving all around the stage and destroy everything, as simple as that. But one of the main highlights were waiting all of them in the second stage. Probably we are speaking about one of the best band of old school death metal at the current time with the consent of Necros Christos. DEAD CONGREGATION from Greece are the disciples of the mighty old Incantation, Immolation, Imprecation and so on, but they give this special touch of be european and from a country like Greece, simply amazing. “Martyrdoom” open the gates of hell until the end of an hour of despair, obscure passages, and brutality. “Lucid Curse, “Only Ashes Remain”, “Schisma”, “Vomitchrist” and so on were echoes of sickness and evil in the most brutal way. There was no chance to escape, they introduced us in their Darkness world without return ticket. It was madness who this band improve over the years, and now become in one of the best of his genre. The best band of the day? Most probably, but still more surprises to come. Sun still there hitting and hitting, what the hell, is September??? And another change in the direction of the sound and back to the old school thrash, with another kind of reunion with other underrated band, this time from Canada EXCITER. Speed Metal in the old way with the original line up, Alan, Dan and John that make a good show, exciting to all the Thrash/Speed maniacs reunited to see the band again. They played a mix of all their long career but focus in the album New Testament. It was cool see how Dan behind his drum kit singing all the songs like a maniac and Alan and John havent stop for a moment in all the show. exciterlow4 Again back to the second stage, where another highlight wait for us the mighty UNLEASHED, who are a machine very well oiled. Fronted with the big viking Johnny Hedlund and with their amazing logo behind them, they made one of the best shows of the weekend. Without no mercy they play the death metal in the old school way, and they played almost songs of each album of they long career. No words can explain how i feel again watching playing this amazing tracks with a crowd totally crazy. unleash-24low And my moment arrived, and maybe between this fans of extreme sounds there are so many fans that want to make live a band that make history in the prog scene and for sure with the fans of horror movies of the 80´s and especially the ones called guialloo with the mighty Dario Argento as director of all classic movies and Goblin making the music of all of them. Now Goblin exits apart from this project from one of the pilars of the band, one of the best compositor of the genre Claudio Simonetti, he keep on doing BSO for so many movies. Now become in a project of Simonetti with great players and called CLAUDIO SIMONETTI´S GOBLIN, they make special performance playing they film BSO, while you´re watching the movie, like with SUSPIRIA, DAWN OF THE DEAD, OR PROFONDO ROSSO. This time, there´s no chance to make this because the time, the place and stuff, so they make a compilation of the different songs of the movies, like DEMONS, DAWN OF THE DEAD, OR SUSPIRIA, PROFONDO ROSSO, with a beautiful dancer as part of the show and in a sensual way put on fire all the people out there 😉 Also we have the chance to listen Phenomena, Roller, and more. For me, was the main highlight of the festival, first, because the broke barriers playing in a festival like this more focus in extreme sound, and second because i love this band, i can’t be objetive hehe. goblin2low After that, for me the festival was almost finished, but we have an amazing performance coming up, between that we couldn’t see, well not see, because of the awful light, SHINING the Swedish depressive black metal band. shininglow2 So to finish the festival in a top way we have the performance of the mighty SATYRICON playing in complete their amazing NEMESIS DIVINA. For the last time in their career, we had the chance to see this experience live and if was great from the beginning to the end. The sound was great, the lights, the stage, people totally crazy, and above all when they play their classic Mother North with all the people singing together like in a big party. The appreciated the support to the band and to the album and said great words to the audience and finish their show with some other great tracks of their career like KING, Fuel of Hatred. This was the perfect finish for an amazing festival, full of great bands, fantastic atmosphere and we said goodbye to the summer in the best way, with the most brutal sounds of metal. Until next year?, who knows?




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