Twilight Force – Heroes Of Mighty Magic

Reviewed: November 2016
Released: 2016, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

The bands debut came out in mid 2014 and they have been on an amazing and rapid ascent to the stars ever since. I have heard nothing but positive words and reviews of this band.

It didn’t take long for the band to be snapped up by Nuclear Blast and given some lavish treatment. The artwork is magnificent rendered by a new and upcoming talent Kerem Beyit, a young artist from Turkey. The album art for the debut was really cool but this is a big improvement. Sometimes you can judge a book, or in this case, a CD by it’s cover. The band name, the album title HEROES OF MIGHTY MAGIC and a mighty purple dragon just screams glorious Power Metal…what would you expect…Death Metal? Expect to see his work more often!

The young Swedes are now using cool stage names and have had a change in drummers and added even more members now standing as six-piece. Everyone is jumping on the Twilight Force band-wagon. There are no less than nine guests on the album including Fabio Leone of Rhapsody and Joachim of Sabaton! For the collectors there is a mega-edition with several bonus tracks, karaoke versions, orchestral versions and more.

To summarize this with lots of hyperbole, (as good Power Metal thrives on hyperbole) take all the best parts of Nightwish, Stratovarious, Rhapsody and Gloryhammer, Lost Horizon and Pathfinder, add a grim dwarven-wizard narrator for flavour, strap them all into a Jurassic Park 3-D motion simulator theme-ride in Disneyland, send it off the rails and the end musical result is HEROES OF MIGHTY MAGIC, the most epic album of the year, perhaps even of all metaldom. I can’t even describe it…words can’t do it justice, so many keyboards, layer upon layer upon layer of vocals, sparkling production values, wave upon wave of guitar and double-kick drumming that never seems to cease. Add splashes of narration, sound effects, the guest vocals, big gang choirs, orchestration to the hilt, this is Hollywood soundtrack metal at it’s finest. Every song is so catchy, so melodic, so fast…just relentless in the quest of sonic overkill. It is not a causal, easy listen, just massive levels of orchestration and arranging went into this. Bombastic. Epic. Symphonic. Any word you want to throw at this album to describe it gets sucked into the shining vortex of hyper-orchestral Power Metal on display.

The album just blazes start to finish and it is a monster album too. I complained that the debut was only 36 minutes long, this one doubles the debut album. If you add the six bonus tracks, HEROES OF MIGHTY MAGIC triples the length of the debut, running an hour and 45 minutes! This might not deem significant but in the true Metal spirit of ‘too much is never enough’, or better yet, Yngwie’s immortal quote ‘Less is not more…more is more!’ is especially appropriate for an over-the-top band of this style. Even the seven-minute (!) closing narration is an improvement over the squeaky voiced narration of the debut. Everything about this follow-up is bigger, better, badder and bolder.

In my review of the debut album TALES OF ANCIENT PROPHECIES, I mentioned that that album had a sticker on it and that said, ‘The Future of Power Metal’. Last November, I wrote that I was not 100% convinced. I fully retract that and now, exactly one year later, I AM fully convinced that Twilight Force is the future of Power Metal. What a supreme album. Very likely this will rank way up in my albums of the year. Hail.


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Track Listing:
1. Battle of Arcane Might
2. Powerwind
3. Guardian of the Seas
4. Flight of the Sapphire Dragon
5. There and Back Again
6. Riders of the Dawn
7. Keepers of Fate
8. Rise of a Hero
9. To the Stars
10. Heroes of Mighty Magic
11. Epilogue
12. Knights of Twilight’s Might

Chrileon Vocals
Aerendir Guitar
Lynn Guitars, Lute, Guitar
Borne Bass
Blackwald Cembalo, Keyboards, Piano, Violin
De’Azsh Drums