Nahemia – Anti-Human

Reviewed: November 2016
Released: 2015, Mjølnir Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Depressive Suicidal Black Metal has never been my cup of tea although I have to acknowledge that a few acts such as Dyster (from cult label Drakkar Productions) released some very good albums in the past. This subgenre of black metal music has been very prolific in the last ten years thanks to the success of Shining, Lifelover and Nocturnal Depression for instance but finding some good-quality DSBM bands is a difficult task nowadays. Fortunately, I’ve recently discovered one new entity that would really deserve some recognition.

Formed in Poland three years ago but currently based in the UK, Nahemia have released a single and a demo through their label Mjølnir Records. “Anti-Human” is their first demo CD and most interesting work so far. It contains three tracks of pure suicidal and misanthropic black metal in the old-school way. In the beginning, I was expecting some soulless brutal songs but it’s not the case at all. To my great surprise, those musicians wrote some inspired compositions, highlighted by catchy riffs and a very pleasant depressive atmosphere. They also had the good idea to add a few layers of melodic keyboards to strengthen this sorrowful ambiance. Sometimes, I have the impression that the vocals lack of power as some screams sound like whispers. This may be due to the raw production. Anyway, we’ve got here a good demo of melodic black metal (which is already sold-out by the way) and to conclude, the trio offered us the national anthem of Poland! That’s a surprising gift coming from a DSBM horde.

Nahemia is a very promising band that has been working hard until now. They’re going to release their debut album next year (through a well-known label hopefully) and have now a new logo designed by the famous Lord of the Logos Christophe Szpajdel. Last but not least, they will have the privilege to support the mighty Graveland, Asphyx and Witchmaster in London in the next months. Good luck to them!

Review by Oliver M.


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Track Listing:
2) Suicidal Romance
3) Anti-Human / Anti-Life

Bil (Drums)
Giulian (Guitars, Bass & Keyboards)
Repktkor (Vocals)




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