Toto – Live At Montreux 1991 (DVD)

Live At Montreux 1991 (DVD)
2016, Eagle Rock

Toto are a band that if you grew up in the early 80’s you could not avoid even if you wanted to. Their hits “Africa” and “Rosanna” were all over the radio and in jukeboxes everywhere. I remember having them on 45 as a youngin’ just discovering music on my own. I think I might even have them still in my collection. Here we are many moons later and Eagle Rock has unearthed their 1991 performance at the infamous Montreux Jazz Festival as part of their amazing series.

I am not too familiar with Toto apart from the radio hits so watching this DVD was a new experience for me. I was discovering new music from the past for the first time. Truly enjoyable.

The video itself is not HD but is clear and of high quality for it’s time. Yes, a restoration to bring it up to HD would have been nice but may not have been possible. Either way it does not distract from the music and performance.

At this stage in the band’s career, Steve Lukather had taken over as the primary vocalist of the band. Steve’s guitar playing is second to none and this live performance solidifies his place in the guitar hall of fame. He is an amazing player. He is quite the vocalist as well but guitar is where he shines. For the hit song “Rosanna”, writer and keyboardist David Paich handles the lead vocals. He does a remarkable job. No other way to put it. He sounds as good live as on record, possibly better and definitely more natural.

The only downfalls of this release for me is that “Hold The Line” is MIA and there is a little too much ‘Jamming’ for the non-musician in me. The entire band are excellent musicians and if I was one this DVD could be mind blowing, amazing but I am not. From an average Joe music fan this is enjoyable but a little too much geared toward the musician. I can compare it to when I saw Dream Theater live. Excellent musicians but too instrumental for the average individual.

If you are a musician, especially a guitarist then this DVD is a definite buy. Musicianship and performance is first rate. For a Toto fan, it’s a no-brainer. For the average fan, maybe not. I did enjoy it and watched it a couple of times.