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Death Metal lives and well as the Finnish death metal squad Morbid Vomit proves that fact. The four piece debut album DOCTRINE OF VIOLENCE is a tremendous great slap of the brutal death. The album presents the brutal, but still sharp and tight death metal at its finest. Therefore it was about time to have a chat with the frontman of Morbid Vomit Ville Ryöti. 

Interview and photos by Arto Lehtinen

Good day whats up in the Morbid Vomit camp at the moment

Good day! The summer is over and we are working hard on new material!


Morbid Vomit is relatively a newcomer into the death metal genre as some readers may be unaware of how the band got started out. img_5546Could you shed some light in a nutshell how the band got together ?

The band was formed in early 2012. Me and guitarist Löndgren played in a band called The Zombi for many years and after when that band went to a long hiatus, we decided to form a new band of our own.

When Morbid Vomit crawled out of the cellars to the wider public, due to the name of the band people didn’t know if a real band or what, therefore I can’t help asking if you come up a name with the tongue-in-cheek or was it more like carefully planned ?

Well, at first the idea was to record really lo-fi tunes just for fun and release only tapes and such. To match that kind of style, we needed a really stupid name. Mörbid Vomit was the dumbest we could come up with. We had other ideas such as Bestial Goat, Evil Vomit etc. but Mörbid Vomit just rolls out of your tongue. When the first songs came together, they turned out to be too good to be wasted with a shitty production to be collecting dust in some pile of cassettes so we decided to go for a more professional approach, yet keeping the cringeworthy name.

All of you have an extreme strong background by playing in other bands, what kind of lesson have you learnt from playing in those bands ?

Personally, I think I’ve learned to stay more focused on the goals we have and to demand a group that functions very well all together. Nothing big happens quickly so it takes time, patience and effort and trial and error to get things going.

The drummer decided to quit and published the official statement regarding his departure, I assume there were some personal issued inflaming the situation in the band, but what kind of brotherhood and bond do you need to share between the rest of the guys to keep the band going on ?

We’ve had a few line up changes but now we have a solid group where everyone has their own place. Humor is one of the most important things when it comes to playing in a band, for us at least. The chemistry comes from (stupid) humor and sharing the same kind of passion to the music we make. It doesn’t matter how good you are with your instrument as long as the chemistry is there.

As far as I know you have found a replacement ?

Yes indeed. Our drummer Köhäri joined the band in January 2016. After our original drummer Ristöla left the band (or was kicked out of the band), mr. Aki Kuusinen from The Zombi & Pain Confessor played as a session drummer for us. He also played drums for our debut album, “Doctrine Of535039 Violence”. He never was going to join the band as a full member and after his scheduals got really tight, we found Köhäri to be a full member behind the drumkit.

Morbid Vomit is known for sporting with the blood covering all over your bodies, I can’t help if the purpose on having the bodies entirely covered by blood is to have one kind of shocking value or is it more a visual or theatrical aspect ?

I guess you can’t shock people anymore these days but we do it for the visual aspect. We want to look as we sound so you get the full package when you come to see us live. It gives that extra something for the shows and for us it’s a ritualistic thing to do before every show. Not in a “satanic” ritual way but every member needs to suffer through that shit, haha!

When you started the band – did you already know as the name of the game is going to be brutal death metal with the certain grip, or did you have to find a suitable way of having the right sounds and approach ?

We only knew that we wanted to play death metal. We didn’t have any material written when the band was put together and the music just came out in that way quite naturally. Of course it’s influenced by Bloodbath and Entombed and other Swedish death metal groups but we didn’t have anything planned out before hen.


The debut album titled DOCTRINE OF VIOLENCE saw the light of day in 2015, therefore presumably you may have laid down some riff and ideas for new songs How will the newer songs differ from the songs on the previous outputs ?

The songs have more variation, I hope haha! I think that Doctrine Of Violence is a good start for us but listening to it now, for me it sounds fucking dull and repetitive. So there’s an issue to be fixed for the future releases. I don’t want to go any details yet but I’m excited for the new songs and all the shenanigans happening there.

What are the priority things in writing of new deadly hymns of Morbid Vomit – catchy riffs with brutal hooks or suitable lyricimg_9833s ?

­It is a compilation of all of those things. The music must be brutal. Our music is a mixture of ballcrushing riffs and sinister melodies. We want every song to sound like an anxiety attack and a total collapse of everything you ever loved. The lyrics need to fit to the music, it is very important for us.

Do you view writing new tracks is a little bit of the challenging as the debut album got extremely good respond and received ultimate positive feedback all around ?

We are very happy for all the positive response of the first album but it doesn’t affect our state of mind when working with the new material. Doctrine Of Violence was a learning experience in many ways and now we are on the next level when it comes to making an album. The biggest challenge for us is to satisfy the other members when we make music. It is a cliché but we don’t really care what others think or may think of us so that drops all the pressure-issues. As long as we are satisfied as a band and the songs are fun to play, we go with that.

How do you usually bang songs together ? Do you create the platform with ideas for songs on your own and as a band they rehearse to reach the ultimate pleasing brutal sounds ?

First album was almost completely composed by our guitarist Löndgren because I was too busy being drunk and fucked up all the time. The way it works is that he makes a song structure at home, records it with Drummer etc and sends us the file. After that we rehearse it as a group in our rehearsal place where the song usually progresses with ideas from everyone. So everyone still participates, it doesn’t matter who comes up with the basic structures. They all change anyway when we get to rehearse the song.


As stated above DOCTRINE has got really good respond, but were you in a way or another surprised to see those reaction or did you somehow expect to have highly ranked feedback ?

I was surprised yes. Of course I hoped that people will like it but I didn’t expect it to be selected as “album of the month” anywhere and to get all those high reviews. It feels good in my tummy.img_5549

Were you aware of the frontman of Black Dahlia Murder had named Doctrine Of Violence as a highlighted album by saying “The vocal is really strong and very striking… dude has a really big voice that just booms… you can’t ignore it.  He drills those lyrics right into your head.  This disc grabs you from second one… right out of the gates and you’re off to the races.  “ and have you received other interesting praising comments from so called wellknown band ?

Yeah, we are aware of that and we appreciate Trevors promotion! We haven’t heard any other so called public praises from any known people but it’s great that many people seem to like what we do.

Was it an easy going process to create the lethal output pleasing especially yourself totally ?

The process was quite a struggle, to be honest. Löndgren had quite a burden to write the material alone as I wasn’t helping at all because of my drinking. But as said before, the songs found their completion at our rehearsal place but I guess it was quite stressful for Löndgren to make the album happen. In my defence, I wrote almost all the lyrics and made the vocal patterns but those times were quite dark for me at least. The recording process was painful as hell too. Things kept going wrong all the time and we had huge issues with the guitar sound and guitar tracks in general and we end up rushing everything to get it done, including the mixing process. At one point we didin’t even care anymore, we just wanted the album to finish and to be released in time. We sure know what to differently next time.

Do you think you could go over the top with the lyric and push the boundaries or has the peak what comes to brutality and barbaric raw in lyrics been reached ?img_9838

Yes. Doctrine Of Violence has some good moments on the lyrical side but I have lots of stuff to say in a very brutal way. Doctrine was supposed to be a theme album but actually it is not. All the lyrics are about killing and violence in general but it has no direct theme connecting the songs. I have no clue about the next album, will it be themed or not but I can guarantee that the lyrics will go under your skin and make people feel sick and disgusted.

As far as the lyrics are concerned, they mostly deal with the violent issues, where do you usually get the inspiration to write about ?

Everyday life is a huge inspiration. For example when I’m walking down the street, it usually takes minutes until I’m fantasizing someone to die or smash his/her face in. Also human species in general is an inspiration to write violent lyrics. That’s what we do best, act violently. Religion is also a huge pet peeve of mine. I go crazy even having a thought about it. Around 80% or so of earths population are somewhat religious. It’s fucking amazing. People living their lives to some ancient bullshit book. But well, that’s an inspiration from frustration to write the way I do. I also look up on serial killers and mass murderers, that takes balls to do what they do and I can’t blame them, we’re all scum.

As far as I know you are influenced by Richard Dawkinsin ja Lawrence reflection their thoughts in your writing, right ? Could you tell a bit more about this ?

Nice one! Yes, I am influenced by Dawkins and Krauss and also Sam Harris but it’s not that direct. The influence comes mainly from a scientific (and factual) view that we have absolutely no meaning to exist in this vast cosmos. It’s all random events that brought us where we are. Of course we make our own meaning blah blah blah. We are all meaningless scum. Period.


What is the biggest improvement in terms of playing and creating new songs in the band since you started out in 2012 ?

The biggest thing is that now we know what we sound like so the song writing should be less difficult. It’s also liberating to expand our style to different directions, of course keeping it in the genre of death metal. Our chemistry is stronger than ever and now when the first big step is taken, it’s time to take a bigger leap towards our new adventures with the second album.

Do you think there is a huge demand for Death metal nowadays in Finland and in general how do you view the current simg_5544tate of the Finnish death metal genre and which bands would you like to recommend people out there to check out ?

I don’t follow the “scene” so I’m not sure how Death Metal is doing in general. There are lots of death metal bands though but only few of them are good. We do have death metal oriented festivals and they seem to be doing great, which I am happy about.  If I was to recommend something, definitely check out Torture Killer, been a huge influence for us too.

 Before concluding the interview, could you name five albums having an major influence on you ?

– Judas Priest – Painkiller
– Rainbow – Rising
– Pantera – Cowboys From Hell
– Cradle Of Filth  – Cruelty And The Beast
– Cannibal Corpse – The Bleeding

I thank you for the interview and the last words are yours.

Thank you for interviewing! Hail to all who has ever supported us in anyway. Please follow us on Facebook to get the latest news and tour dates and listen to Doctrine Of Violence on Spotify. As Shinnok says, DEATH TO ALL.

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