The Exalted Piledriver (appearing at Calgary Metal Fest, Sept 15th )



In an effort to help promote one of Canada’s most exciting Metal Festivals, we at did a series of five quick interviews with some icons of Canadian Metal.  (Listed Alphabetically) Annihilator, Exciter, The Exalted Piledriver, Razor and Sacrifice are all appearing at Calgary Metal Fest V between September 15 and 17th , 2016.   Feel free to enjoy all of our interviews with these titans of  Canadian Metal!


What was your first reaction when you were invited to play Calgary Metal Fest V?

AWEsome! Finally a solid invite to play out West! Can’t wait! We’re really looking forward to tearing faces off out there! It’s almost happened a few times now over the years.. but finally, it’s now a reality!

When was the last time you played in Calgary?

If you don’t count when I was a kid playing with a toy jet in a hotel window in 1969 during a stopover when my family was moving up to Inuvik… NEVER!!! This is why I’m SO looking forward to this! I’ve wanted to get west of Ontario with this band forever, hahaha!

When was the last time you played with the other bands on the bill?

We’ve never played with any of the bands on the bill of our night, and can’t wait to hear what wickedness they serve up, but I have done numerous shows with Razor in the past.. mostly long past tho, hahaha! We’ve been to each other’s shows several times since, but haven’t terrorized together in many years! I think the last time was in 2009 at Headbanger’s Open Air in Germany. We played with Exciter some months ago in Montreal, and I’m quite looking forward to seeing them again seeing as I too am an Ottawa boy, haha! We’ll be playing in Toronto the week before CMF5 with Annihilator, the first time we’ve torn it up together, and once again they’re Ottawa boys, so, definitely looking forward to it in an Old-Home-Week kinda way, haha! Oddly, I don’t remember if we’ve ever shared a stage with Sacrifice, but we are buds just the same from way back when we were label-brothers at Fringe when I had Dogs With Jobs going. Seeing as we all know and love each other, me and the guys will be hanging around thru til Saturday so we can all hang and party and have some wicked laughs with our TorontHole and OughtaWah buds!

What do you think is the significance of being part of such a unique festival bill, for the first time?

I guess that it’s significant in that it took Western promoters so fucking long to get us out there, haha! Maybe it won’t be 32 years before we get asked to come out again? Who knows! Maybe even Vancouver!! hahahaha. Other than that, I think it’s AWEsome that it’s not all flavour of the week American bands with a few Canucks to point at, it’s MAPLE-METAL wall to wall!!! THAT is significant. I know people in other countries are salivating about CMF5’s lineup and wish it would tour, haha! Nyaaaah nyaaaaah!! This is for hose-heads ONLY, hahahaha! If they wish to come on over and join us, that’s their prerogative, but they have to fill up on Canadian Club, back-bacon, Alberta beef and some greasy poutine while they’re here or we’re kickin’ them out with a “Sorry, eh!” haha!

Was it hard to get everyone in the band together to be able to do this gig?

No harder than for any other gig, really. It all came down to work schedules, and other commitments. This is why we are on Thursday night, because of our schedules. Nontheless.. we are going to tear it up and fuck it hard in a room full of metal-addled freaks, and will be around to celebrate throughout the whole fest… only our drummer will have to depart early and miss out on the ‘big’ night. Sucks to be him, hahahaha!

Are you going to be playing special retro set, or conversely will you be showcasing any new and/or undressed material?

We will do exactly what we always do.. serve up the songs the fans love from Metal Inquisition and Stay Ugly, and dish out a few tasty morsels from Metal Manifesto, and maybe a new song.. maybe two. I’m not delusional, I fully realize that people need their fix of the early stuff and am only happy as a leather bound pig in vomit and shit to serve ’em up for ’em! We don’t have a label forcing us to ‘sell’ the latest album, and as such don’t really give a shit about such things.. as long as we get people hot, sweaty, singin’ along and fist-pumpin’ to the tunes they dig, we’ll be happier than them, haha! There’s nothing like looking out at a venue filled with freaks screaming the songs back at me.. plus, at my age I need all the help I can get to remember the lyrics, hahahahaha! Cue me for the chorus, please! hahahaha!

Are there any songs that you just ‘have’ to include in your set-list?

There are indeed the ‘mandatories’: Sex With Satan, Metal Inquisition, WItch Hunt, The Executioner, Lord Of Abominations, Metal Manifesto, UnSuck My Cock.. we will definitely be crankin’ those out! We’ll try to dig out some oddball stuff to surprise with, too.. maybe a DWJ song that was originally a Piledriver song, or a new one or two. We’ll see what we can squeeze in for ya’s!

Are you bringing any merchandise to sell?

Possibly.. I don’t really do that merch-whoring thing very much.. I kinda like being a sought after rarity as opposed to a product shilling whore. I like to know that when someone has a Piledriver shirt on it’s because they’re the biggest Pile-freak in their town and they jumped through flaming hoops made of razor blades to get it, not just a metal-dude that already has 2 of everything by everyone, hahaha! But.. yeah.. we’ll bring out a few tshirts for the diehards to fight over, yeah, sure! hahaha! And, no. The old M.I. baseball shirt reissue is only available EXCLUSIVELY from This plays into the whole ‘rarity of a sought after gem’, you see. I never made a penny from the records due to being a stupid kid when I signed the contracts.. I’ve barely ever broken even doing shows ever since. Why would I start gouging and whoring now? I’m happy just to see the faces of our devoted fans when I can, and meet them and sign autographs for them and get ugly in their selfies with ’em! Their love and devotion for us feeds my soul more than money ever could.

How do these on-off gigs compare to a tour for example? Is there a heightened sense of energy?

Well.. kind of the opposite.. they can be quite draining due to the travelling being 30 times longer than the show. On tour you can hit a rythym, hit your stride and ride it high. A one-off is fly/drive forever, play for the freaks for an hour, see the inside of a hotel for a few hours, and drive/fly forever again, haha. But all is forgotten for that frenzied hour onstage, of course! Besides, every show is seen by us as the greatest show we’ll ever do.. who knows if this will be the night my bradycardial heart gives up the ghost! Hahaha.. maybe we should start a pool? I’ve been to the precipice a few times now.. someone could make some sweet green on that bet, hahahaha!

When can we expect some new material from the band?

Sometime in the future if at all. Again.. since I’ve lost all respect for labels, since not one of them did right by me in 30+ years, and none of them gives a shit about us now because we’re not a ‘big’ band that will fill their coffers, I don’t plan to ever do a ‘proper’ ‘album’ again. I’m finally twigging to the digital age where people post torrents and ‘blog reviews’ of an album the day it’s released and everyone ends up getting it free and the musicians eat the cost of producing it. Tired of working my ass off and spending my very hard earned money to never make it back because of downloads. So.. from now on, I won’t spend big bucks in a studio recording a high-fidelity album only to never make back it’s costs. .nope.. decent enough home demos will be what you get from this point on, I think, via Youtube or Facebook or whatever. I’m so tired of chasing dollars that refuse to exist for me, hahaha! Nope, as an old dog in a new age, this will be my new trick.

We look forward to seeing you in September!

And we in turn look forward to seeing all of you maniacs sweatin’ and moshin’ and losin’ yer shit!!! hahahahaha! The best view in the house is mine, forever entertaining! hahahaha! Can’t wait!