John Ricci of Exciter (appearing at Calgary Metal Fest, Sept 17th )



In an effort to help promote one of Canada’s most exciting Metal Festivals, we at did a series of five quick interviews with some icons of Canadian Metal.  (Listed Alphabetically) Annihilator, Exciter, The Exalted Piledriver, Razor and Sacrifice are all appearing at Calgary Metal Fest V between September 15 and 17th , 2016.   Feel free to enjoy all of our interviews with these titans of  Canadian Metal.


What was your first reaction when you were invited to play Calgary Metal Fest V?

We were thrilled to be part of it, we don`t play Canada that much so a Canadian gig is a good thing !

When was the last time you played Calgary ?

The last time we played Calgary was in 2013 at the NOCTIS VI fest which went great even with the `other` line-up of Exciter, this time should even be better with the original line-up.

When was the last time you played with the other bands on the bill?

We just recently played Metal Threat fest in Chicago with Razor on the bill. It was an awesome show, the moshing didn`t stop all night ! The other bands we`ve never played together with.

What do you think is the significance of being part of such a unique festival bill, for the first time?

The fans will get to see the different sides of metal, each of the 4 bands have a distinctive signature sound that made them what they are today. I`m sure this event will be a rare opportunity to see these bands on the same stage on the same night.

Was it hard to get everyone in the band together to be able to do this gig?

Actually we`ve been together almost 2 years, we reunited in 2014 and started playing shows right away in South America, Europe etc. The response to our re-uniting was incredible ! When we announced the original line-up had re-united my emails didn`t stop for about 48 hours. I had agents, managers and fans commenting how happy they were that the original Exciter was back !

Are you going to be playing special retro set, or conversely will you be showcasing any new and/or undressed material?

Our live set feature songs from the first 3 albums. Those are considered the classic albums, so we decided to play what the fans want to hear. We are working on new material but they are in the early stages , it will be a while before you see a new Exciter record.

Are there any songs that you just ‘have’ to include in your set-list?

The `must play ` songs of course are Pounding Metal, Heavy Metal Maniac, Violence and Force and Long Live The Loud. These songs are all anthem songs so we always include them in the set.

Are you bringing any merchandise to sell?

Yes, we will have shirts and patches.

How do these on-off gigs compare to a tour for example? Is there a heightened sense of energy?

This time around we only play one-off shows, we`re not into touring that much. The whole economic situation is different now we`d rather play one-off shows that are feasible instead of grinding it out on the road. Our energy level is the same as the 80`s maybe even more so !

When can we expect some new material from the band?

I hope by late 2017 we should have something out, we are still signed with Massacre Records in Germany so a new record has to happen. We have about 5 new song ideas but they are not developed yet but I can say the new songs sound like classic Exciter. We are aiming for 10 new songs for the album.

We look forward to seeing you in September!

Should be a metal good time !! See you then !