Various Artists – The Realm Of Napalm Records (DVD)

Reviewed: July 2016
Released: 2006, Napalm Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP


A nice collection of videos from Napalm Records spanning roughly 2002-2006.

I’m not a big fan of Youtube. I just don’t enjoy sitting at my computer desk with a small screen watching commercials and having bad sound and bad picture quality if I want to watch a Heavy Metal video. That is why I like to buy DVD compilations like this one. I can enjoy them at my leisure, sit back in front of the TV and not worry about fiddling with the computer, just let the DVD run and enjoy a couple of hours of Metal videos.

THE REALM OF NAPALM RECORDS first in series of video compilations and the third ever DVD released by the label. The DVD comes in one of those crummy, soft-shelled cases that does nothing to protect the cool artwork . There is no booklet either. This is certainly a budget presentation. On the plus side of the equation, the set comes with a 16 track bonus audio CD, but for me it was not too much of a bonus because I have about 90% of the songs already on the audio CD. However, it is a nice label sampler for the uninitiated.

The promotional videos cover from roughly 2002-2006 and there are 19 of them. There are also eight live videos and a couple of (sort of) bonus features. The first is a bit of a special/focus/spotlight on Leave’s Eyes, one of the labels flagship bands, including a video, a ‘making of’ segment, some live stuff a bit of a mini-tour diary. Up next is the dark horse of the collection, three videos by melodic metallers, Wig Wam , whose gummy shenanigans seem really out of place on a DVD heavily featuring viking/folk/pagan videos by Tyr, Battledore, and Korpiklaani!

If you add it all up you get 34 videos which is a decent value. I really enjoyed watching this as of course, being in Canada, 99% of the videos I had never seen, because this type of stuff just does not get televised and as I mentioned I don’t do Youtube very much. I really enjoy relaxing and watching Metal videos, so if you are like me this is a real treat.


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Track Listing:
1. Atrocity Cold Black Days
2 Battledore Storm Of The Blades
3 Battledore Journey To Undying Lands
4 Beseech Innerlane
5 Darkwell Fate Prisoner
6 Elis Der Letzte Tag
7 Hurtlocker Absolution
8 Korpiklaani Beer Beer
9 Korpiklaani Kädet Siipinä
10 Korpiklaani Hunting Song
11 Lacrimas Profounder Amber Girl
12 Lacrimas Profounder Ave End
13 Lacrimas Profounder Again It’s Over
14 Leaves’ Eyes Elegy
15 Leaves’ Eyes Into Your Light
16 Sinamore Darkness Of Day
17 Týr Regin Smidur
18 Týr Hail To The Hammer
19 Visions Of Atlantis Lost


Enthroned Hellgium Messiah
Saltatio Mortis Heuchler
Saltatio Mortis Salz Der Erde
Saltatio Mortis Mea Culpa
Saltatio Mortis Junges Blut
Midnattsol Infinite Fairytale
Midnattsol Desolation
Midnattsol Haunted

Leaves’ Eyes Special

Leaves’ Eyes The Making Of A Saga
Leaves’ Eyes A Winter Walk
Leaves’ Eyes Bochum Total – Special
Leaves’ Eyes From Mexico To Russia

Get Wig Wamed:

Wig Wam In My Dreams (New Version)
Wig Wam Hard To Be A Rock ‘N’ Roller
Wig Wam Bless The Night

Bonus CD

Atrocity Enigma
Battlelore Storm Of The Blades
Beseech Last Obsession
Draconian She Dies
Elis Anger
Hurtlocker I Am Everything… Nothing
Iron Fire Ironhead
Korpiklaani Väkirauta
Lacrimas Profundere My Velvet Little Darkness
Leaves’ Eyes Farewell Proud Men
Sinamore Darkness Of Day
Summoning Land Of The Dead (Edit)
Týr Regin Smidur
Visions Of Atlantis Pharaoh’s Repentance
Weltenbrand Bewitched Herds Boys
Wig Wam Kill My Rock ‘N’ Roll

Technical Details:
Format Reviewed:
Run Time: 2 hours , 20 minutes
Screen: 4:3
Sound: PCM Stereo
Production Year: 2006