Various Artists – Century Overload (DVD)

Reviewed: July 2016
Released: 2007, Century Media
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP


The fourth Century Media video collection covering 2002-2006

This video compilation is extremely similar to CENTURY MEDIA-THE VISUAL EXPERIENCE which came out just a year prior in 2006. This collection, simply (and appropriately!) called CENTURY OVERLOAD follows nicely in continuity.

The three disc set is housed in a thicker DVD case and comes with a 20-page full colour booklet with brief liner notes on each band. There are a massive 39 bands represented and a total of 85 videos! It would take you exactly five hours to watch this start to finish! What I find is a really good value, besides the sheer volume of videos, is that I personally have never seen most of the videos. Century Media were still making videos at a time when nether Much Music nor MTV would show videos and this is well before the creation of YouTube! The complaint I have is that like it’s predecessor there is absolutely no rhyme or rain to the sequencing of the videos. They are not listed alphabetically. They are not listed by band. They are not listed chronologically. They are not organized by genre. It is a real mess and it is a shame they didn’t learn anything from the first DVD, which was also a logistical nightmare. Let’s say you want to watch all the Strapping Young Lad videos. You have to watch one on Disc 1, take it out, watch two on Disc 2, take it out, and watch one on Disc 3! What a pain! Something so simple to make it easier for the viewer and yet it is a jumbled mess. On the plus side of the equation there are several bonus features such as trailers, TV commercials, guitar lessons, a photo galleries, this thing is jam packed! The graphics and presentation are very nice as well.

It would be a pretty massive review to discus each video on CENTURY OVERLOAD but suffice to say you can look at the track list to the right of this review for the full list. It is nice to see some rarer videos from bands like Dream Evil, Kotipelto and Nocturnal Rites along side the more popular bands like Shadows Fall and Arch Enemy each with four or five videos. I understand that in 2016 all of these videos are quite readily available on Youtube but it is nice to have this collection on DVD.


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Track Listing:
Disc I
1-1 -Shadows Fall In Effigy
1-2 -Diecast Fade Away
1-3 -Strapping Young Lad Wrong Side
1-4 -The Haunted The Flood
1-5 -God Forbid Chains Of Humanity
1-6 -Nevermore Born
1-7 -Into Eternity Severe Emotional Distress
1-8 -Celtic Frost A Dying God
1-9 -Krisiun Vicious Wrath
1-10 -Satyricon K.I.N.G.
1-11 -Dream Evil Fire! Battle! In Metal!
1-12 -Lacuna Coil Closer
1-13 -Poisonblack Rush
1-14 -Heaven Shall Burn Counterweight
1-15 -Napalm Death When All Is Said And Done
1-16 -Brand New Sin Motor Meth
1-17 -Nocturnal Rites Fools Never Die
1-18 -Lacuna Coil Enjoy The Silence

Disc II
2-1 -God Forbid The End Of The World
2-2 -Arch Enemy Nemesis
2-3 -Strapping Young Lad Zen
2-4 -Behemoth (3) Slaves Shall Serve
2-5 -Diecast Rise & Oppose
2-6 -Shadows Fall Inspiration On Demand
2-7 -Manntis Weathered Soul
2-8 -Dark Tranquillity Lost To Apathy
2-9 -Nevermore Final Product
2-10 -The Haunted No Compromise
2-11 -Watch Them Die Bastard Son
2-12 -Agents Of Man Without A Trace
2-13 -Brand New Sin Black And Blue
2-14 -Lacuna Coil Our Truth
2-15 -Sentenced Ever-Frost
2-16 -Eyes Of Fire It All Dies Today
2-17 -God Forbid To The Fallen Hero
2-18 -Shadows Fall Enlightened By The Cold
2-19 -Strapping Young Lad Love?
2-20 -Cryptopsy The Pestilence That Walketh In Darkness
2-21 -Napalm Death Silence Is Deafening
2-22 -Despised Icon The Sunset Will Never Charm Us
2-23 -Impaled Preservation Of Death
2-24 -Naglfar Perpetual Horrors
2-25 -Dark Tranquillity The New Build (Live)
2-26 -Diecast These Days
2-27 -Extol Pearl
2-28 -Agents Of Man Death Of Me
2-29 -Mercenary Firesoul
2-30 -Brand New Sin Days Are Numbered
2-31 -Manntis Axe Of Redemption

Disc III
3-1 -God Forbid Antihero
3-2 -Shadows Fall What Drives The Weak
3-3 -Heaven Shall Burn The Weapon They Fear
3-4 -Stampin’ Ground Bear The Scars
3-5 -Diecast Medieval
3-6 -The Haunted All Against All
3-7 -Behemoth (3) Conquer All
3-8 -Lacuna Coil Swamped
3-9 -Nocturnal Rites Awakening
3-10 -Orphaned Land Morra El Morra
3-11 -Borknagar Future Reminiscence
3-12 -Into Eternity Spiraling Into Depression
3-13 -Dream Evil The Book Of Heavy Metal
3-14 -Kotipelto Reasons
3-15 -Nocturnal Rites Against The World
3-16 -Tad Morose Anubis
3-17 -Tiamat Cain
3-18 -Orphaned Land Oceanland
3-19 -Shadows Fall The Power Of I And I
3-20 -Napalm Death Low Life
3-21 -Nocturnal Rites Avalon
3-22 -God Forbid Gone Forever (Live)
3-23 -Shadows Fall Destroyer Of Senses
3-24 -Arch Enemy We Will Rise
3-25 -Nevermore I, Voyager
3-26 -God Forbid Better Days
3-27 -Lacuna Coil Heaven’s A Lie
3-28 -Moonspell Everything Invaded
3-29 -Poisonblack Love Infernal
3-30 -Haste Stutter
3-31 -Watch Them Die Sadist Ways
3-32 -Strapping Young Lad Relentless
3-33 -Nevermore Enemies Of Reality
3-34 -Shadows Fall Idiot Box (Live)
3-35 -Krisiun Murderer

Technical Details:
Format Reviewed:
Run Time: 5 hours
Screen: 4:3
Sound: Dolby Stereo
Production Year: 2007