Untimely Demise – Black Widow

Reviewed: June 2016
Released: 2016, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

One is Western Canada’s premier thrash bands is back for the attack with album number three. In the three years since SYSTEMATIC ERADICATION there have been a few changes but fortunately for fans of the aggressive act there are minor and perhaps for the better.

Choosing now to be an independent act Saskatoon’s Untimely Demise have left Punishment 18 and are now free agents. Another change is the addition of Byran Newbury on drums who brings an added level of intensity to the drum performance. Using a modest but successful crowd-funding campaign the band have presented another professional package in terms if production, booklet and artwork. Once again Thrash ‘man-about-town’ Ed Repka gets the call to provide the artwork and this time adds a new twist to the term black widow. The band has also maintained their long-standing relationship with Shawn Drover who plays drums on an alternate version of Anti-colonizer.

Sonically the album is as heavy, or perhaps heavier than anything they have ever done. It might just be my ears but the vocals of Matt Cuthbertson are more raw in delivery and tone than ever before. It seems odd because I’ve spoken To Matt a number of times before and he is so soft-spoken and polite! Lyrically, the album seems a bit more serious this time around as well and I will admit I do miss some of the lighter moments the band has injected in the past. They must be pissed off about something! The solos as always rip your flesh off and pace of every song is relentless. Members of Into Eternity join in for a guest solo here and there as well. This is a whiplash inducing collection of songs to be sure!

BLACK WIDOW is a pretty vicious statement of intent. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. If you stand up the new Megadeth or Anthrax album up against a young, hungry and determined act like Untimely Demise, the old dogs just can’t compete. BLACK WIDOW just blows the new Anthrax and Megadeth albums away in a pure thrash explosion, much like one on the album cover art.


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Track Listing:
1. Forgotten in Time
2. Enslaver
3. Black Widow
4. Cancer of the Heart
5. Anticolonizer
6. Calling Me Back from the Light
7. Sickening Repression
8. Holy Man
9. Anticolonizer (Feat. Shawn Drover)

Matt Cuthbertson Guitar, Vocals
Murray Cuthbertson Bass
Bryan Newbury Drums