Debut CATALANO album from ex-De La Cruz frontman Roxxi Catalano

CATALANO-4back copy

During 2012, Gold Coast, Australia based band De La Cruz rose from obscurity to the world platform with a self-titled E.P which garnered critical world-wide acclaim leading to a record/distribution deal and subsequent full-length album titled ‘Street Level’ released in March 2013 on European indie giant Frontiers Records.
In the wake of the band dissolving at the start of 2014, frontman and main-songwriter turned guitarist Roxxi Catalano, began putting together a solo studio act with an aim to release his own personal musical work.
Calling on the help and collaboration of Australian rock musician friends the final result is the debut CATALANO album ‘Dark Skies’ due out on 29.2.2016, a hook-laden collection of heavily 80’s influenced rock but with a modern dynamic and pop sensibility.