Best of 2015 – Arto Lehtinen

#1. Avatarium: The Girl With The Raven Mask

Avatarium: The Girl With The Raven Mask
Avatarium: The Girl With The Raven Mask

Kind of unexpected choice to rank this to the first place, but this is such an awesome output from the Swedish Avatarium. The Candlemass mastermind Leif Edling is definitely a real riff wizard to come up great doomy oriented songs.

#2. Paradise Lost: The Plague Within

Paradise Lost – The Plague Within
Paradise Lost – The Plague Within

Wow.. I had been told in advance the next Paradise Lost output would be “back to roots”. Heard the same phrase before. But frankly Plague Within truly surprised with the real doom/death metal elements. Obviously the fans of the Depeche Mode era must have got a real shock effect when hearing this one.

#3. Slayer: Repentless

Slayer - Repentless
Slayer – Repentless

The old thrash warhorse still keeps thrashing despite the band went thru the real bedlam Repentless is a surprising vital album by Slayer. Even though Slayer is on overtime, but let’s enjoy what we still have left…

4) Mgla : Exercises In Futility
5) Ghost : Meliora
6) Amorphis : Under The Red Cloud
7) Iron Maiden : Book Of Souls
8) Queensryche : Condition Human
9) Krisiun : Forged In Fire
10) Melechesh : Enki
11) Infernal War : Axion
12) Masters Of Metal : From Worlds Beyond
13) A.R.G. : Redemption From Refaim
14) Lucifer :  Luficer I
15) Ancient Rites : Laguz
16) Morbid Vomit : Doctrine Of Violence
17) My Dying Bride : Feel The Misery
18) Gruesome : Savage Land
19) Helloween : God Given Right
20) Morgoth :  Ungod

Best EP

#1. Autopsy: Skull Grinder
Hands down… Autopsy rules and Chris Reifert’s sick vocals and the brutal muddy not crystal clear ass wiping sounds, just insane rotting and putrid, makes Autopsy such an insane sounding death metal band for sure. The seven track ep could be a full length, but the material rules. !!

#2. Coffins : Craving To Eternal Slumber
Aahh I love these brutal pieces of slab of brutal death metal. The Japanese Coffins do no wrong on this EP.

Best Concert

Savatage / Trans Siberian Orchestra


Seeing and testifying this one hell of live spectacle was beyond all the expectations and blew every other bombastic surrealistic big production show away easily. Sharing two stages with the massive light shows…. Unbelievable !!!!

#2. Wardruna
The Norwegian Wardruna is an interesting mix of the ancient Norska folkloric Viking based music. Wardruna has the roots to the Norwegian black metal ties and ladle the inspiration from the ancient culture, therefore Wardruna’s unique and spellbouding performance at Roadburn was an amazing experience for sure. Hail Ragnar !!!

#3. Alice Cooper
Alice Cooper did a truly enjoyable show and performance at Tuska. Every attendance from the different genre dragged to witness how Alice Cooper got decapitated under the guillotine. Of course others were drooling after Nita Strauss.

Best new band

Though the band is a new one, the members are the old veterans of the death metal scene.  Gruesome is giving ass-kicking respect to old DEATH-era a’la Scream Bloody Gore.

#2. Lucifer
When Cathedral called its quits and The Oath split up, the doom metal forces united and Lucifer was born. What can be expected from this band feat. ex-members of this and that band but greatness!

Major events in the Metal world

The long time Metal Rules writer Hann Ng aka Hanntu’s premature death earlier in this year was such a big loss for Metal-Rules.Com. May he rest in peace.

Predictions for 2016

Apocalyptic world war!!!