Hobbs’ Angel Of Death – Helsinki Finland




PRKL Club The 18th of December



Peter Hobbs carved its immortal marks in the late 80’s by releasing the highly appreaciated debut self titled album back in 1988. Despite the second album released n 1995, Hobbs has kept the low profile until 2004 the legendary Australian metal squad led by Peter Hobbs unleashed the Australian thrash metal storm at Wacken. It was pure magical mayhem. Rapidly back to 2012 when Hobbs Angel Of Death made a debut gig ever at Jalometalli along with Slayer Blasphemy was pure old school blitzkrieg

It took a few years until Hobbs got back to Finland for the third gig, all right Hobbs made the second visit to Åland being a tiny island between Finland and Sweden. Apparently 150 old school metal maniacs had crawled to the obscure PRKL club in the centrum of Helsinki.

The domestic black thrash metal Flame kicked the night. The raw, brutal and barbaric are the essential words to describe the outcome of Flame when speaking of the lawless black thrash metal assault. Flame rages in the underground catacombs by coming up the vicious outbursting blackened metal.


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The third one was a previously rather unknown band hailing from Italy called Violentor. By the way half of the Violentor four piece line-up was the part of the Hobbs line-up as well. As for Violentor in general, the four piece band combines the straight forward rock ala Motörhead with the blasting thrash stuff with some Sodom influences for sure. Violentor’s stuff is perfect for the insane beer drinking feast.

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After the 30 minute delay Hobbs started the old school thrash mauling. Eve though the venue is small as hell it didn’t prevent the audience from causing the real battlezone in the front row. When the opening riff of the first songs such as Lucifer’s Domain cut the air, the whole crowd went total beserk. The older Hobbs material was welcomed and appreciated amongst the bangers more than well. The set was tremendous long as the four piece did nearly 90 minute set by delivering the brutal and uncompromising old school thrash assault. It was quite weird to follow how the audience had to crawl outside to gasp for the air and take care of the alcoholic current balance. The Australian thrash metal veteran and icon Peter Hobbs having greyed sophistically sounded angry and brutal, not having lost any inch and grasp in the voice. As for the new material, well frankly it sounded thrash, but time to time it sounded kind of groovy. Hobbs Angel Of Death is about to release a new album in 2016 and therefore it was quite logical to do songs off from it. To be honest the new material has to be checked out as the man definitely creates the slaying and vicious thrash riff. Hobbs have always delivered the utter brutal slab of the finest old school thrash metal assault. Hopefully he will be seen at some metal festival sooner or later.

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