The Shrine – Rare Breed

Reviewed: November 2015
Released: 2015, Century Media
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

The Shrine are back with their third offering “Rare Breed” which opens up with the mammoth of a track “Coming down quick” which slips from slow dragging doom into a stoner ‘n’ roll extravagansa. With the highly influenced by monster magnet, helmet etc all the usual suspects of the American shores sounds along the way. It’s this initial flourish of harsh riffs, rough vocals, and ballsy attitude that steps the game up from their previous releases.

The commercial track of the album “Death to invaders” rolls on in and it’s still hard to shake off the fact that they sound like, a modern take on old school rather than their own. Going for a more classic stoner doom style now with the title track “Rare breed” the band seem strained in places pushing the vocals along which thankfully, improve during the course of the song. The music behind this all sounds like a darker mastodon meeting with clutch, as well as drop bys of church of misery’s riffs .

It’s the stoner skaters dream soundtrack! “Acid drop” is by far the best track on the album with it’s chunky-sludge drawing momentum. “What’s left for me” follows in swiftly with the stoned out faith no more sounds that are quickly dispelled by “Savage skulls and nomads”. Which comes in like a black flag sounding hurricane. It’s fair to note at this point that things have improved from track 4 [“acid drop”].

“never more than now” and “Pull the trigger” sound very European stoner influenced which is probably why they are on tour with the German masters Kadavar currently. The tracks blend together and form a power couplet of in-your-face powerful riffs that make you wonder where they were towards the front of the album, which could have done with more injection.

It is within the final two tracks that the band really show off their magnitude. ‘Dusted and Busted’along with the impressive seven minute ‘Space Steppin’’, which take a slower pace in comparison to the rest of the album but really show reflection over their past tracks. They are also fine demonstrations of the bands blues/stoner vibes, but even then the vocals and guitar tones still retain their aggressive bite.

The album once it got into it’s swing is winning combination with it high octane dirty Rock ‘n’ Roll , punk rcok and a good blend of stoner rock, all rolled into one. it’s a step up musically from previous albums.

Review by Ashlinn Nash


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Track Listing:
1. Coming Down Quick
2. Death To Invaders
3. Rare Breed
4. Acid Drop
5. What’s Left For Me
6. Savage Skulls and Nomads
7. The Vulture
8. Never More Than Now
9. Pull The Trigger
10. Dusted and Busted
11. Space Stepping

Josh Landau – Vocals, Guitar
Court Murphy – Bass
Jeff Murray – Drums




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