SAXON – Interview with Biff Byford


SAXON – Interview with Biff Byford

Interview conducted by Robert Williams

Video courtesy of William Prewitt
Editing courtesy of Sandra Torres

British heavy metal legends Saxon recently toured the U.S. for the second time this year, on a monster billing recalling the now-classic “Bombers & Eagles Tour” of ’92, alongside the monolithic road-dog punters in Motörhead and the up-and-coming hard rockers in Crobot. I was lucky enough to catch up with Saxon vocalist Biff Byford prior to the band’s performance in Austin, Texas for a pre-show interview, Biff went into depth on the band’s new album “Battering Ram” as well as Saxon’s lengthy history with Lemmy & Motörhead. September 1st marked my third interview with the NWOBHM legend for and later that night Saxon delivered in full once-more to a capacity crowd of “Denim & Leather” clad metal warriors who all stood up to be counted! Saxon is a timeless band more than capable of putting on an unforgettable night of heavy metal classics, perhaps only rivaled by the likes of fellow fathers of the craft like Accept, Priest, Maiden or Manowar. Their dedication to heavy metal is nothing short of inspiring and their lineage and discography grows stronger year-by-year as they continue to push the envelope, metallicly speaking. Here’s to many more years of “Heavy Metal Thunder” from Saxon!