Tremonti – Cauterize

Reviewed: August 2015
Released: 2015, Fret12
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

Tremonti already released their sophomore album, CAUTERIZE some weeks ago, and I have to confess that’s amazing album. Probably you all know Mark Tremonti from Creed and Alter Bridge.

ALL I WAS (2013) was great enough and showed off how Mark can stand at the highest level and alone, without the contribution of Stapp or Kennedy. We knew that he\’s a great composer and guitarist, but realized that he writes so beautiful vocal lines (for both aforementioned owners) that own \”just nice\” voice sounds superb.

The truth is that the staff of the project there is a common range with Alter Bridge, regardless if you are supposed to be much more heavy in his own approach. Many compositions, both of the first album and of CAUTERIZE could fit in Creed comfortably, while \”Fortress\” was directly influenced by the \”All I Was\”.

CAUERIZE is among the same synthetic levels as its predecessor, but is ahead of interpretation, probably because intermediates for the first time, Mark toured as lead singer and certainly found the more pressing as a singer. Musically, there are times when looks like a thrash metal anthem, like some throwing speeds, but in any case the general riff and his playing is reinforced concrete. The heavy guitars WANT.

Take the chorus of \”Radical Change\”, \”Another Heart\” and \”Tie The Noose\”. Take the in your face attack \”Arm Yourself\” and the ultimate guitar sound to heavy and unbearable \”Flying Monkeys\”. Or the \”Sympathy\”, which is as good an extent that probably ought to leave it to Myles. The Arpeggiated of \”Providence\” brings something \”Blackbird\” and the title is the best song of the album overall. If there is an item to lag behind the \”All I Was\”, it is on slower / quiet moments, without this meaning that \”Dark Trip\” and \”Fall Again\” is also not the best song in here.

Lyrics are meaningful and leading vocal lines complement the over the top playback Tremonti this time on bass instead of the Dioscuri Brian Marshall has the Wolfgang -son of Eddie- Van Halen on the side of the stable and Eric Friedman guitar and Garrett Whitlock on drums and, of course-the course Elvis Baskette as a producer. The result is incredible and I hope many other talented musicians must do similar to Tremonti’s steps in solo career.


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Track Listing:
1. Radical Change
2. Flying Monkeys
3. Cauterize
4. Arm Yourself
5. Dark Trip
6. Another Heart
7. Fall Again
8. Tie the Noose
9. Sympathy
10. Providence

Mark Tremonti – Vocals, Guitar
Eric Friedman – Guitar
Wolfgang Van Halen – Bass
Garrett Whitlock – Drums