Titans Eve – Chasing The Devil

Reviewed: July 2015
Released: 2015, Self Released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Metal-Rules.com UK Team

Canadian metallers Titans Eve are back with another succulent slice to add to their ever growing discography of immersive and gig worthy sounds! Hailing from Vancouver, Titan’s Eve emerged in 2008 having been formed by lead vocalist/guitarist Brian Gamblin and his guitarist/vocalist brother Kyle; drummer Casey Ory joining them straight away and bassist Jesse Hord subsequently completing the line-up. Since this initial burst onto the scene the band have carved a name for themselves across America and Europe.

Latest offering a smooth mix of NWOBHM and generous amounts of Thin Lizzy/Iron Maiden-inspired harmonized guitar leads, all with daring vocals that are as abrasive as they are creative. \”We defy\” sets the pace of the album with it\’s pounding ascending riffs, helped along by a defiant vocal tone that could be mistaken for later-era Grand Magus meeting Amon Amarth and having a musically engineered child.

Having toured with the likes of Korn, Arch Enemy, Exodus, Anvil, Kill Devil Hill, Diamond Head, Raven and Soulfly. In the past, it\’s not too hard to appreciate their influence on the band as the album goes onto have tracks such as \”Warpath\” which has anthemic as charmingly laced with adrenaline. As well as \”No Kingdom\” which definitely took a leaf out of Diamond Head\’s classic songwriting book.

The staple sound of Brian Gamblin\’s gruff, somewhat harsh, voice and chanting delivery becomes more infectious as the album goes on especially when it hits the tracks \”another day\” which really punches the glass ceiling of the genre and defines the sound of the album in a nutshell. As well as \”chasing the devil\” which takes on a lone wanderer kind of feel to guitar riffs, comparable to the old school Arch Enemy instrumental interludes that would gear up the next song with a crescendo.

Which is exactly what happens just before the monolith of superbly produced track \”the grind\” which is a heavy punching exploratory delight with lashings of soaring guitar solos, harmonies and a real display of how tight the band are as a unit.

The whole album does turn down a notch when the true to thrash style instrumental tracks comes a roaring in! \”Stranded\” comes to fruition with it\’s acoustic start which flows like a river of beautification that builds up a string repertoire before fading out into a piano softness.
Of course they wouldn\’t have ended it like that, that would have been a huge mistake, luckily they don\’t. Instead they bring out \”the endless light\” as one final head bangable slice to re-emerge you in adrenaline.

Overall the album has been a fine display of how a band can carve themselves a sound, that is not shy of influence. It is one that mixes well with the band’s modern metal tendencies. Chasing The Devil’s eight tracks are compact and concise, decorated with huge, chantable choruses.

Review by
Ashlinn Nash


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Track Listing:
1. We Defy
2. War Path
3. No Kingdom
4. Another Day
5. Chasing The Devil
6. The Grind
7. Stranded
8. The Endless Light

Jesse Hord – Bass/Backing Vocals
Casey Ory – Drums
Brian Gamblin – Lead Vocals /Guitar
Kyle Gamblin – Vocals/Guitar




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