Dead Existence – Endless Misery

Reviewed: July 2015
Released: Apri, Black Bow
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Dead Existence “Endless Misery” is the first album to review this month. The Bio lists this UK band as \”heavy doom/sludge\” and that label is certainly on point. They\’ve had a history of some tours and some albums so we\’re not dealing with a total newcomer on this one. This is what I hear:

Kicking off the album is \”Consume\”. It is a little on the hardcore side with a nod to Sepultura. It\’s heavy, grinding metal that nearly slows to Doom Metal near the midpoint mark. Overall, consume is a solid opening track. From there we begin to have some concerns. \”End Devoured\” is a meandering heavy track that really doesn’t inspire too much. Again, doom metal is the style on this track. \”Worthless\” is where we see the return of death metal guitars that set the tone on this slow paced song. It’s much more interesting than the total doom-fest of “Devoured” but again, this one harkens back to a Sepultura sound. “Worthless” proves to me that this band benefits from speeding things up just a bit. They feel more natural here.

Continuing forward, the program really starts to wobble. The tempo in \”Tear Apart the Veil\” changes often and that keeps things interesting on an otherwise rather dull song. It earns its spot as a mid-album track in that it just keeps things rolling along without adding too much to the album. Obsidian Black loses me completely. At the halfway point of this song, I notice that I’m listening to an album and I wonder “what did I just hear”? This doom track makes it easy to wander off into other thoughts and activities and that’s not a good thing. Interestingly enough, I was most moved by the track \”Delusion of Hope\”. It\’s a Spoken word track with some reverb and distortion that’s kind of a really cool track. It really sets a mood that I wish the album could live up to. I would have loved to have heard this as either the opening track or the closer of the album. It just feels like it would be more “right” in those spots. Closing the album is \”Regretamine\”. It ends on a faster note, a note that once again feels more like a comfort zone for the band. Regretamine wrenches forward until the midpoint where it once again reverts to the band’s signature doom sound. This makes the album go out on a musical whimper for me.

I think the biggest complaint of this album is its lack of memorable style. I don’t care that it’s doom. I wouldn’t care if it was glam or hardcore or bluegrass. It should have a feeling inside that fits the mood. The only feeling I have is that it’s trying to be heavy. I think that, in and of itself, holds the band back from what they could accomplish if they’d drop what seems to be their desired purpose and just let their music take them where it will. I’m not saying it sounds at all contrived but I am saying that it feels like there’s something else brewing under this band that they’re suppressing. But I’m just a reviewer who’s never met the guys. Maybe I’ve got it all wrong?

Reviewed by: Chris Marsh


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Track Listing:
2.End Devoured by Begining
5.Tear Apart the Veil
6.Obsidian Black
7.Delusion of Hope





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