Saint Vitus – Helsinki Finland



The legendary Saint Vitus is hailed as one of the most influential doom metal outfits amongst several doom/death worshipers out there. The band has been soldiering on since the early 80’s and have gone thru several up and down hills. Since the latest album titled LILLIE-F65 saw the light of day a few years ago, the four piece has been constantly on the road supporting the album until problems hit the face again.

Saint Vitus is mostly identified as the frontman’s grey habitus and well-known appearance in several other bands and other eccentric alliances. The legendary Wino Weinrich is known more than. Due to all kinds of hassles and legal problems that occurred on the previous tour, the legendary frontman ended up getting arrested and expelled back to his home country. Saint Vitus was driven to an unexpected situation as far as their future is concerned as Wino can’t leave the US at the moment.

However, a piece of the unexpected news crawled into the doom world as Saint Vitus planned on embarking on the European tour with the original singer Scott Reagers. That was cheered by the die hard fans of Saint Vitus and in general the Doom metal crown were extremely pleased to witness that happen.  The tour was named more than perfectly The Return Of The Walking Dead. When the doom metal caravan hit Helsinki app 300 doom metal maniacs crawled to witness the legends on the stage. Frankly the more people could have arrived at witnessing this unique and rare show.

The set got the prestigious start when the opening songs “Dark World” and “One Mind” off from the doom metal masterpiece DIE HEALING hit the fans down. The whole set was an utter wet dream come true for the Saint Vitus fans as basically set consisted of the songs from the first two albums. The whole crowd was entirely into the doom and heavy sounds of Saint Vitus with Scott Reagers’s performance and above all those songs from the Reager’s era and so on.

Scott Reagers felt to be beyond surprised at the overwhelming and bombastic reaction and feedback of the crowd. So did the guitarist Dave Chandler who also communicated with the audience.Whereas the bassist Mark Adams stayed rather cool and down-to-earth type of person on the stage.

Saint Vitus’ purpose is to create the ultimate doomy oriented atmosphere on the audience. That was succeeded as the whole crowd was totally spellbounded and doomed to be into the trance of the walking dead. Saint Vitus has the loyal doom metal fans which appreciate and worship the Reagers era. Even the young generation seems to have discovered those old gems. Even Dave Chandler appeared to be surprised and amused about the reactions of the younger fans, even though some older ones had rushed to the the frontline. The one has to enjoy those doomy slow hymns as the traditional metal fans may have troubles to find the aspects in the music of Saint Vitus. Saint Vitus has to be felt and enjoy .

The four piece sounded tight and extremely hungry doomy. Obviously getting Scott Reagers was a real godspeed for Saint Vitus to resurrect the era of the mid 80’s. Especially the fand who treasures Saint Vitus, was extremely passionate and more than doomy happy to see Saint Vitus with Scott Rogears.

Dark World
One Mind
Zombie Hunger
War Is Our Destiny
The Psychopath
White Magic/Black Magic
White Stallions
Burial at Sea
Look Behind You
Saint Vitus
Born Too Late

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