Vorum – Current Mouth

Reviewed: June 2015
Released: 2015, Sepulchral Voice Productions
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Metal-Rules.com UK Team

Some death metal is designed to rot you from the inside, for example Autopsy’s Mental Funeral; some DM is meant to torture you, just listen to any of Cannibal Corpse’s earlier efforts, but neither have ever matched the kind off all-out, scalding attack and torment of Vorum’s Current Mouth EP. Spat out of Scandavia, Vorum take on Swedish metal of death values and stir their own blood into the mixture, with sole LP “Poisoned Void” being the case in hand.

Whilst their debut impressed many with its savagery, it still conformed the confines of traditional DM structures, wheras with these new five tracks, Vorum abandons, rejects and vomits upon any convention or order. It is evil anarchy, with riffs only being repeated to further bind you to the maze of torment that they create. The manic drumming is so loud it fuzzes the microphones at times, as do the scalding vocals, whilst John Finne’s bass provides a dark underbelly for frantic chromatics and serial-killer scribble solos to spin above.

Utilising the force of fellow Northern European death metal comrades Invidious, with Gottfrid Ahman reaping and raping the talents of this four piece through productions, and Pelle Ahman providing a post-apocalyptic cut and paste collage for artwork, the Finns manage to create their own aesthetic and vision for the first time in their seven year career. The classic Morbid Angel influence is obvious on “In Grime In Lust”, but scarcely before has death metal managed to sound so ugly, so maddening and purely schizophrenic.

At just under 20 minutes, in doesn’t take long to follow Vorum to the end with closing track “Hungry Wounds” which whilst opening with a splattering of tremolo picked riffs and relentless, punk-minded drumming, also shows a more classic feel with head banging grooves that are the closet things to “verses” or “choruses” we can identify here. This is extreme music.

Review by Jarod Lawley


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Track Listing:
1. Angels Death
2. Tri Ennial
3. In Grime In Lust
4. Current Mouth
5. Hungry Wounds

Jonatan Johansson – Guitars, Vocals
Matti Jalava – Guitars
John Finne- Bass
Mikko Josefsson- Drums




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