Nightland – Obsession

Reviewed: June 2015
Released: 2015, Rockshots
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Nightland are an Italian Symphonic Death Metal band, which in itself was an interesting idea to review as I had not came across anything of this like before. The opening instrumental track \”Benediction to Madness\” kind of lays the way, or deceives you depending on what genre you take preference too. It starts like a lot of Symphonic metal instrumentals and gives a feeling of a movie soundtrack somewhere in between Jaws and Lord of The Rings.

It is not until we get to \”Dreamless Life\” we can see and feel the direction this is going, when you look at it what else could it be? Picture Epica, Nightwish or the like with death metal vocals. The music was spot on, perfectly played, professional and fitting with the symphonic name tag. The vocals would slot nicely onto any of the best Death Metal albums out there but together, for me it just did not work.

Some tracks were Symphonic, some total doom laden and just didn\’t meld. It is definitely leaning more towards the Death Metal side but even so the heavy operatics would turn away most purists. I played and replayed this album trying to get inside it and put aside any misgivings but I could not enjoy the two intertwined opposites. The heavily laden angelic choir pieces did not sit with the gravel and grit. The only way I can see this working would be to introduce some female vocals to lighten the tone and smooth out the harshness of the opposing styles.

I am sure there is an audience out there for these guys but I regret I could not see through the clammer to appreciate it.


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Track Listing:
Benediction to Madness
Dreamless Life
Alpha et Omega
Cradle of Sufferance
Quod Vita Celat, Mors Revelat
Last Dance of a Treacherous Mind
Dreamless Life (orchestral)

Ludovico Cioffi – Vocals, Guitar
Filippo Scrima – Guitar
Brendan Paolini – Bass
Filippo Cicoria – Drums




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