Tony Mills – Over My Dead Body

Reviewed: May 2015
Released: 2015, Battlegod Productions
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Tony Mills is a well-known UK Rock/Metal legend and now he is back with his 4th official solo album.
The concept of this album was actually inspired by his near fatal death in a Norwegian airport in 2010, and after being resurrected he has spent the last two years in Oslo, Norway working on this release.

This album sees a lot of contributors, such as Paul Sabu, Henning Ramseth (Return, Ram-Zet), Robert Sall (W.E.T. / Work of Art), Andreas Passmark (Royal Hunt), Douglas Docker (Dockers Guild), Andreas Nergard, Victor Borge (T.N.T.), and producer Neil Kernon (Dokken, Shy, Aviator, Queensryche) who took control of the mixing as well as bass.

The album clearly shows Mills’ emotions and inner feelings throughout his ordeal, placing it all into his music. Starting off with an atmospheric voice it’s taken over by a guitar solo following drums as the rest of the instruments kick in giving this an impressive start. The tracks remain quite upbeat with Mills’ voice as strong and impressive as ever. This melodic metal album shows great versatility and has elements of Judas Priest and Queensryche with the classic 80s sound making this a must have album for fans of this genre, but also has a darker tone throughout.

Track 3 ‘We Should Be on By Now’ is a beautiful song with Mills singing over keys with atmospheric background vocals with some progressive moments followed with yet more guitar solos, then taking a darker tone and going back to the story telling elements, before the guitars kick in again for track ‘No Love Lost’.

‘My death’ is an extremely powerful and emotional track. Despite it being slower than the rest it clearly demonstrates Mills’ vision of his fight for life, followed by ‘Bitter Suite’ continuing this message, until track ‘Northern Star’ brings back the high pitched vocals and fierce guitars. ‘Somewhere in London’ has a different feel to the rest of the tracks, making this one of the most versatile albums I have heard for some time. Closer track ‘Free Spirits’ brings it back to a darker slower pace, ending this album perfectly.

This album is a ‘must-have’ for 2015! It demands all of your attention, taking you on a powerful journey and showing that Tony Mills stands tall in his ‘Legend’ status!


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Track Listing:
1. Time Won’t Wait
2. 28 Flights
3. We Should Be On By Now
4. No Love Lost
5. Gate 21
6. My Death
7. Bitter Suite
8. 4 In The Morning
9. Northern Star
10. Somewhere In London
11. Free Spirits

Vocals – Tony Mills and Douglas Docker
Guitars – Paul Sabu, Robert Sall, Henning Ramseth.
Drums – Andreas Nergard
Bass – Andreas Passmark, Victor Borge, Henning Ramseth.
Fretless – Neil Kernon
Keys – Douglas Docker, Robert Sall, Eric Ragno and Henning Ramseth




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