Voices of Destiny – Crisis Cult

Reviewed: April 2015
Released: 2015, Massacre Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Germany’s Voices of Destiny, despite being around for a decade, have escaped my notice up to now. The youngsters in the band (hey, if you’re aged 25 or 26…you’re young to me, OK?!?), have released two previous albums, with the debut, FROM THE ASHES, seemingly better received than the sophomore, POWER DIVE. With a change in lead vocalists hitting them recently, CRISIS CULT would seem to be the band’s first shot at re-establishing their upward trajectory.

For those that don’t know the band, Voices of Destiny fit perfectly into the gothic/symphonic metal crowd and are heavily influenced by the likes of Nightwish or Sirenia. It’s certainly not an original playground, but definitely one that can bear a lot of enjoyment if done correctly. Fortunately Voices of Destiny, they do far more right than wrong with CRISIS CULT. With a nice, biting guitar tone, the majority of the music on the album is heavy and frantic, leaving the keyboards lots of room to play over top. Tracks like “Wolfpack” and “Stormcrow” are effortlessly enjoyable. Vocally, things are a bit less rosy. I am not a huge fan of Lukas Palme’s growled vocals, as he sounds like every other bland “beast” vocalist with no distinction. He merely gets the job done. New “beauty” singer Ada Flechtner is similarly capable somewhat emotionless. She’s excellent technically, and fares better on the more melodic, less aggressive songs like “21 Heroes”.

Voices of Destiny are still a young band with plenty of time to grow, so they’re one to keep an eye on. While not the strongest album in the symphonic metal arena, CRISIS CULT is nevertheless successful and simply easy to listen to, making it worthwhile for fans of the style to check it out.


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Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Wolfpack
3. The Easy Prey
4. To the Slaughter
5. 21 Heroes
6. At the Edge
7. Stormcrow
8. Under Control
9. The Great Hunt
10. Your Creation

Ada Flechtner: Vocals
Christopher Gutjahr: Guitar
Jens Hartwig: Bass
Lukas Palme: Keyboards, Vocals
Klaus Ackermann: Drums