Frankenstein Rooster – The Nerdvrotic Sounds’ Escape

Reviewed: April 2015
Released: 2015, Scarlet Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

If you’ve been reading my reviews for any length of time, you’re likely to be aware that I am not a fan of instrumental albums – metal or otherwise. So when EvilG asked me to check out the new album by instrumental act Frankenstein Rooster I was…not excited. Regardless, with a band name like that, a ridiculously funny album cover, and a really weird album title, I was at least curious to see what these Italians had to offer.

Frankenstein Rooster is the brainchild of Elvenking guitarist “Rafahel” and Hollow Haze drummer Camillo, so you know immediately they’ve got the chops to pull off instrumental music. That’s good because the only spoken words to be found over the album’s 50+ minutes are film samples. Otherwise, the duo let’s their music do the talking, effortlessly blending jazz, rock, funk, and several types of metal into a weird, and I must say, wonderful mixture. The true star of the show is Rafaello, whose guitar work carries the album with a ton of catchy & memorable riffs. This is one of the few instrumental albums that I can truly say that I remember the songs once the album has finished playing. From the aptly titled thrash of “Walking Shred” to the more menacingly contemplative “The Phantom of the 13th Orange”, nearly every song contains one or two truly impressive riffs. It also goes without saying that the solos are equally impressive.

To their credit, the Frankenstein Rooster keeps their music serious enough that the overall quirky presentation doesn’t overwhelm the quality presentation. I do have two complaints though. One is that the songs sometimes veer off in too many directions at once, sacrificing focus for flash. My second complaint is that “Sevean Argagn Dance” is an abominable electronica track that doesn’t blend with the rest of the music at all. Fortunately, it’s the last song on the album and easily skippable. Otherwise, THE NERDVROTIC SOUNDS’ ESCAPE is highly entertaining and definitely worth checking out.


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Track Listing:
1. The Nerdvrotic Sounds’ Escape
2. Elektro Raptor
3. The Spirit of Shawn
4. Beastly Dancing
5. Walking Shred
6. Mullog
7. The Phantom of the 13th Orange
8. Cthulhu Racing
9. Flying in Yoda’s Dream
10. Sevean Argagn Dance

Rafaello Indri: Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Camillo Colleluori: Drums