Earth and Pillars – Earth I

Reviewed: March 2015
Released: 2014, Avantgarde Music
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Epic black metal is certainly on the rise all around the world today. And epic is certainly an understatement when it comes to new Italian outfit Earth and Pillars. These guys have personified the true being of nature and the legends and myths that lie within the mysticism and research of mother earth and our dear old planet.

EARTH I is the band’s first ever release, and my god is it a good one. We open with an instrumental that is eerie and horrific, giving off the idea of an impending doom about to be unleashed upon us. Synthesisers work well to build a spine tingling anticipation which we are not let down by when first track ‘Rivers’ comes forth and flows like the proverbial river it is talking about.

These guys have taken the atmospheric and worked it into the typical black metal drone that I always look out for in atmospheric and progressive black metal. Although song lengths range for up to 17 minutes, the length works in the song’s favour, as the progression of the songs really mirror the changing seasons of our planet.

‘Lakes’ talks about mythologies of the earth and forests, something Earth and Pillars’s homeland is truly rich in as Italy is such a vast nation. Plus ‘Tides’ ends the album by personifying the seas with waves and crashing tremolos that tell of the sea being the only giver and taker of life with no sympathy at all. This album for me, said that respect for nature is non negotiable and the most evil music of all is simply the best way to teach those who have ever questioned the world around them.

An ecology lecture put to music with all the stops pulled out. Excellent work.

Review by Demitri Levantis


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Track Listing:
1. Earth
2. Rivers
3. Lakes
4. Tides

I – Bass
F – Drums
Z – Guitars, Vocals, Keayboards




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