Inquisition @ The Underworld, Camden, Jan 29th, 2015

 Inquisition, Archgoat, Ondskapt

@ The Underworld, Camden

January 29th 2015

Review by Beth Avison
Photography by Jo Blackened
Altercarnated Photography

Inquisition @ Camden Underworld
Inquisition @ Camden Underworld

In a vast array of impressive line ups to grace our capital in the last couple of years, with many more to come, this show presented one of the greatest; a flurry of black metal mastery: Ondskapt, Archgoat and the mighty Inquisition, who returned to our shores once more after embarking on a thoroughly well-received UK tour last summer. Responsible for this monolithic booking is the recently formed Old Empire, which has turned the UK metal scene on its head by putting on shows by Primordial, Acherontas and Ravencult to name a few. With a roster like this, it’s safe to say big things were expected.

First, I have to get this gripe out of the way: this should not have been held in the Underworld. As a Northerner who is relatively fresh on the London gig scene, I have limited knowledge of the venues down South. However, this bizarrely laid out venue in Camden was a bad choice. Seemingly randomly placed walls and staircases obstructed the view for many and this was a bit of a slap in the face for those who travelled vast distances for this sold-out show. That aside, the night was a great success.

Moved to the first slot of the night due to original openers Blackdeath pulling out were Ondskapt, arguably my most anticipated band of the night regardless of the mixed reviews I’ve seen about their live performance.

Ondskapt @ Camden Underworld
Ondskapt @ Camden Underworld

Unfortunately I can only describe them as average. They did their thing, but it was lacking the ferocity of their recorded material. A shame considering they are responsible for the genre-defining ‘Draco Sit Mihi Dux’.

Ondskapt @ Camden Underworld
Ondskapt @ Camden Underworld

Finland’s Archgoat were met by the most pumped reaction of the evening. After hearing their blistering latest offering The Apocalyptic Triumphator, I too was chomping at the bit to see them play.

Archgoat @ Camden Underworld
Archgoat @ Camden Underworld

Overall they were excellent; tight and unerring on their assault. The crowd seemed to agree and it was easy enough to ignore the slightly-too-loud bass drum and get lost in their vicious black metal warfare. A perfect entree for what was to come.

Archgoat @ Camden Underworld
Archgoat @ Camden Underworld


  • Intro
  • Nuns, Cunts and Darkness
  • Lord of the Void
  • Apotheosis of Lucifer
  • Grand Luciferian Theophany
  • Goddess of the Abyss of the Grave
  • Hammer of Satan

One band I knew would be spot on were headliners Inquisition. The consistency of their live performances echoes that of their studio albums, all of which are a credit to the genre.

Inquisition @ Camden Underworld
Inquisition @ Camden Underworld

Material from their most recent album Obscure Verses for the Multiverse was met with the same roaring reception as the classic ‘Crush the Jewish Prophet’ from the Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer era.

Inquisition @ Camden Underworld
Inquisition @ Camden Underworld

This makes it clear that Inquisition were and still continue to be a dominating force in black metal. Long may they reign.

Inquisition @ Camden Underworld
Inquisition @ Camden Underworld

A thoroughly enjoyable show despite a few minor setbacks, Inquisition proved once again that they are not capable of being disappointing. Kudos to Old Empire for all the effort they put into this too. Support!


    1. Force of the Floating Tomb
    2. Ancient Monumental War Hymn
    3. Dark Mutilation Rites
    4. Master of the Cosmological Black Cauldron
    5. Astral Path to Supreme Majesties
    6. Where Darkness Is Lord and Death the Beginning
    7. Those of the Night
    8. Embraced by the Unholy Powers of Death and Destruction
    9. Command of the Dark Crown
    10. Arrival of Eons After
    11. Desolate Funeral Chant
    12. The Realm of Shadows Shall Forever Reign
    13. Infinite Interstellar Genocide


    14. Crush the Jewish Prophet



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