Voice of the Soul – Catacombs

Reviewed: February 2015
Released: 2015, Hells Hammer Distribution
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Metal-Rules.com UK Team

Catacombs is the debut album from Voice of the Soul, a progressive death metal band based in Dubai. Originally formed of Kareem Chehayeb and Monish Shringi they released two EPs before relocating and releasing their third ‘Into Oblivion’ that saw them gain some recognition. This album recorded at Haven Studio in Dubai has seen the addition of two new members allowing for touring potential and greater expansion.

This debut album is well structured and impressive for a first release and shows clear inspiration from Opeth and Insomnium. The introductory track, synth enhanced \’Desolation\’, draws us into the second \’Perpetual Deception’ which blasts and hits us with a dark, doomy yet varied introduction to their style. The growling vocals of Chehayeb are accentuated perfectly in ‘Pendulum’ with passages of fast riffing and a percussion onslaught before descending into a low shred. The fifth track ‘Cold Rapture’ calms into slow piano chords before the clean vocals of Shringi introduce a more melancholic theme that continues through instrumental track ‘The Mist’. Eighth track ‘Defiled’ takes us back to the progressive, more complex rhythmic patterns heard in the opening tracks of the album. The final track ‘Images Subside’ closes the album by slowly reducing the instrumentation and vocals until we slip into sweet serenity.

Overall Catacombs is strong and well executed with an interesting stylistic range. The only disappointments were the lack of tempo variation and dynamics that made it seem a little flat. Otherwise this is an album that is well worth a listen and you never know… we may get a tour.

Review by Helen Collins


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Track Listing:
2.Perpetual Deception
5.Cold Rupture
6.The Mist
9.Images Subside

Kareem Chehayeb: Guitars/Lead Vocals

Monish Shringi: Guitars/Clean Vocals

Rudy Fares: Drums

Bassem Farra: Bass (Live)




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