Sweet & Lynch – Only To Rise

Reviewed: January 2015
Released: 2015, Frontiers Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

This one came as a bit of surprise to me. When I first heard of it I immediately thought of Dokken with a bit of Stryper as most of us would. The debut track took those thoughts away instantly but I still had hopes that the album would hold up and take me back to the glory days of Metal which would be the mid to late 80’s. In a way it did but not to the extent I was hoping for.

The first song I heard was “September” which did very little for me. The best way I could describe it was Stryper-lite, and I was never a real Stryper fan. No denying the musicianship of the group I just couldn’t get into the music and the message was not for me. Now some 20+ years later Michael Sweet still sounds the same as he did back then and maybe even a little bit better. The second track I heard was “The Wish” which was much closer to what I was hoping for. It mostly resembles early Stryper, especially “Soldiers Under Command” making for more of a Michael Sweet project rather than a George Lynch one. Both are very talented musicians and when you add in James Lomenzo on bass and Brian Tichy on drums you have pretty much a supergroup of talent.

The unfortunate thing with this project is that George’s playing is second base to Michael’s vocals. After many, many plays this album still comes off more as a Michael Sweet solo disc rather than a new project. Yes, Lynch sounds great and plays flawlessly it just lacks that edge that he once had. It’s too safe of an album for him.


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Track Listing:
The Wish
Like A Dying Rose
Love Stays
Time Will Tell
Rescue Me
Me Without You
Recover; Divine
Strength In Numbers
Only To Rise

Michael Sweet – lead vocals, guitars
George Lynch – lead guitars
James Lomenzo – bass guitar
Brian Tichy – drums