Savage Blade – Angel Museum

Reviewed: January 2015
Released: 2014, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

It’s amazing to me that no one on the 40+ year history of Metal that no one picked the name Savage Blade. There are countless ‘Savage-something’ or ‘Something-Blade, but these young guys thought of it first! It proves there are still good names left in Metal.

Hailing from middle-of-nowhere (Nelson, BC) this young band have just released their second album. For the record, living in Western Canada, I like Nelson, I have been there many times but in terms of percentage of thriving Metal acts, Nelson is middle of nowhere. The independent quintet have bee kicking around for a number of years and ANGEL MUSEUM is the bands second full-length.
The band have a good logo, a cool album title and a slightly off-beat album cover which is intellectually a step above having a warrior fighting a dragon, which is what you might expect from a band called Savage Blade. The nine-track album is compact running only 40 minutes and the production values are solid for a home-made effort.

The album kicks off with a quieter acoustic intro and in fact, the acoustic guitar makes appearances all across the album. It adds some nice audio dynamic to the straight-up classic Metal the bands plays. You might even say there is a tiny hint of, dare I say it, country (gasp) music with the electric acoustic interplay being very well done. The pace is mostly mid-tempo even leaning to the slow side. I found my preferred songs were the faster, heavier ones like ‘Never Cry Wolf’ and ‘Wasteland’. The is also a nice grinding Metal anthem called ‘The Way Of Metal’ with good lyrics and a punchy sound.

The vocals of Nikko Forsberg have a nice sneer reminding me a bit of Dave Mustaine, perhaps not the most technically proficient but well delivered with conviction and he can hit some good high notes. ANGEL MUSUEM is a pretty decent slab of classic Metal. Decent riffs, timeless lyrics and an enthusiastic delivery make this well worth checking out.


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Track Listing:
1. Forging the Sword
2. Angel Museum
3. Torch the Saloon
4. Never Cry Wolf
5. Wasteland
6. The Way of Metal
7. Waiting for the Wind
8. The Tablets of Thoth

Nikko Forsberg-Vocals
Eric Hoodicoff-Guitar
Eric Hamelin-Guitar
Chris Rand-Bass
Chris Killeen-Drums