Rorcal / Process of Guilt – Split EP

Reviewed: January 2015
Released: 2014, Lost Pilgrims Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

This split EP release via Lost Pilgrims Records offers up a heavy serving of Black and Doom Metal in the form of Rorcal and Process of Guilt. Both bands have been building up a solid sound during recent years, and this six-track offering showcases their latest material and laments them as essential bands within the underground Metal scene.

Rorcal kick-start the EP with the desolate sound of ‘IX’. The sonic induced riffs and intense blast beats pound away for the first few minutes, with lead guitar running alongside. The blood soaked vocals remain consistent throughout the chaotic drumming spree and are one of the band’s most noteworthy qualities. Around half way, a brief guitar melody weaves into the mix before exploding into a tight sounding drum attack.

Much of Rorcal’s appeal lies with their immediacy, with each track upping the ante of violence. ‘X’ remains their most solid work, with rapid-fire drums and visceral shrieks tied together seamlessly.

These guys deliver a savage sound of Black Metal and Drone, with no room for respite and should certainly satisfy many fans out there. However, there music does suffer from lack of memorable moments to take away from listening too. Regardless of this, they are a band to get your adrenaline pumped and to wreak some havoc too.

The second half of the EP consists of Process of Guilt’s three track descent into Doom Metal. What becomes apparent very quickly from ‘Liar (Movement I) is the focus towards atmosphere. The vocals sound as if they are full of hatred for mankind as the apocalyptic images shift and slide in and out of focus. The guitars drift into focus slowly as the heavy drum pounds beckon ever closer.

Meanwhile, ‘Liar: Movement II’ wades in with complex drumming and tortured growls. The riffs slither along with a shuddering effect, giving off a claustrophobic intensity. The distortion works well at conjuring further tapestries towards mankind’s inevitable demise.

The guys stood out as the better of the two bands featured on this recording and certainly have a lot more replay value with their mammoth sized Doom anthems. On the whole the record is great for those who like their music darker and heavier than mainstream metal and those who are fans of either Black, Drone or Doom should certainly find something worth listening too.

Review by Ben Spencer


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Track Listing:
1. Rorcal: IX
2. Rorcal: XI
3. Rorcal: X
4. Process of Guilt: Liar (Movement I)
5. Process of Guilt: Liar (Movement II)
6. Process of Guilt: Liar (Movement III)


Bruno da Encarnação: Bass
Ron Lahyani: Drums
Diogo Almeida: Guitars
JP Schopfer: Guitars
Yonni Chapatte: Vocals

Process of Guilt

Hugo Santos : Vocals, Guitar
Nuno David : Guitar
Gonçalo Corerra : Drums
Custodio Rato : Bass




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