Evil Scarecrow – Galactic Hunt

Reviewed: January 2015
Released: 2014, DeadBox Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Metal-Rules.com UK Team

It was whilst I was attempting to get an education at Derby University some moons ago that I became acquainted with Evil Scarecrow. With the band hailing from Nottingham and a notable presence in the East Midlands, our paths crossed on a number of occasions. And every time it was an absolute won’t-you-come-in-for-tea pleasure.

They call themselves a parody band but don’t roll your eyes at the term. Because they might get stuck in the back of your head. And because this is some of the most straight-played comedic shit you’ll hear. Evil Scarecrow songs don’t just sound like passable metal tracks, they are genuine spit-on-your-cuff-and-give-it-a-shine metal songs played with skill and conviction. It’s just that they have some ridiculous subject matter, tongue-in-cheek lyrics and occasional musical oddities. Well what do you expect from a band that includes a doctor, a princess and a ringmaster among its ranks.

So, as seems to be the thing at the moment, GALACTIC HUNT is Evil Scarecrow’s first album with its current line-up, and it’s even straighter-played than ever before. Listen to the first couple of tracks, including the excellent ‘Rise’, and parody seems to have slipped off course, imitation has become reality. In essence it’s as though Evil Scarecrow decided to get serious. Bad? No. Leaves you a little sad? Yes.

And then ‘Crabulon’attacks. Fucking A-class. Get it out of the boiling water and crack that beast open because it is done. You may have seen, may have partaken in, scuttling crab dances at Evil Scarecrow shows – well this is the cause. This song about a robot/crab hybrid. Backed by that relentless marching rhythm it seems completely credible, nay genius.

This is what we get for doubting them. With talk of lost library books in ‘Book Of Doom’, and the whirling, twirling, circus-ring conjuring accordion-led ‘Dance Of The Cyclops’ following, Evil Scarecrow keep the fun flag flying. Huge props also for getting Hugo Myatt (off of TV’s Knightmare) to add some voiceover to closer ‘Enter The Knightmare’. Once again it’s a song that musically impresses even as it amuses.

As alluded to before, you can musically enjoy all of GALACTIC HUNT without ever listening to the lyrics, easy peasy crab-claw squeezy, but Evil Scarecrow’s real charm seriously does lie in those mad mad words. It does seem as though this time around the band have tried to carve out some space to just do metal and some space for lolz, but as I keep on underlining in big red pen, the standout tracks primarily have both.

Practice your scuttling people. You’re gonna need to use it.

By Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs


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Track Listing:
1. Excelsior Mali Formidi
2. Rise
3. Space Dementia
4. Galacticus
5. Crabulon
6. Frankingstein’s Mirror
7. Book Of Doom
8. Dance Of The Cyclops
9. End Level Boss
10. Flight Of The Dragons
11. When Moses Goes Wrong
12. Enter The Knightmare

Dr Rabid Hell – Vocals/Guitars
Brother Dimitri Pain – Guitars
Kraven Morrdeth – Bass
Princess Luxury – Keyboards
Ringmaster Monty Blitzfist – Drums




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