Black Spiders@ Glasgow Cathouse, 9/12/14

Black spiders

The Cathouse, Glasgow, Scotland

December 9th 2014

Review and pics by Ritchie Birnie

Black Spiders

It’s a miserable, cold, dark December in Scotland. The first snow landed on the hills yesterday and its 2 degrees. What better way to blow the wintery blues away than a Black Spiders gig? It seems like is been quiet on the Black Spiders front. The last album( This Savage Land) came out in September last year…….and its been a long time since they have visited Glasgow. Well with the weather tonight I hope it doesn’t keep them away for as long again. The weather was that bad our photographer did’t make it so you will have to make do with my best efforts, sorry everyone.

How do we sum up a Black Spiders gig if you haven’t been to one? Its not easy but I will try. At the end of the gig you will feel defiled, deflowered, as punch drunk as if you had gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson and as if you had just stood in front of a muck spreader as it backfired. The sound is downright filthy, grungy( and I am not talking soundgarden) and oozes sleaze, so much so prostitutes must feel like royalty( but given recent rumours maybe the prostitutes would feel hard done by).

Before we get to the main event we have a couple of support bands to address.

Black Spider
Rival State

Rival State( 4/5)

These young New Zealanders were on fire. If you haven’t heard them get out there and buy their fantastic EP youth tax. The guys have taken a gamble and moved from their kiwi homeland to London to make a go of this and based on last nights show they will do well. It was just a pity they were on so early and the main crowd missed them as they were explosive. They need to get on the road and just tour this EP to bits( in their crappy tour van bought from the British military). I would love to see a full set and I managed to catch up with the guys in the beer garden( this is a very, very loose term). They have loved the tour and got on great with the Spiders( as was evident as they crashed the stage at the end of the guys set). Much drinking and shenanigans partaken and a message straight from the band” Thank you Glasgow, we love you and we will be back soon”.

Next up are Turbogeist(3.5/5)


This band have been on the go since 2010 and there were a good few t-shirts in the crowd so they are building a following( which is no mean feat as they are unsigned). They struggled a bit with sound but even that suited their punky punchy songs. I bet the guys hate reading this but the lead singer is Mick Jagger’s son. This hasn’t made things easy for them though and their motto is don’t buy our records…..come see us live. With this kind of attitude and solid songs they could cut a groove of their own. Definitely keep your eyes peeled for them in the future.

Black Spiders

Now to the main course of raw meat( with beards) that is Black Spiders( 4.5/5).

The build up of anticipation is a bit ruined in the Cathouse as the guys need to walk past everyone to get to the stage but that just gets the cheers in early and they are straight into the opener Si, el Diablo. The tri axe attack commences and it doesn’t take long for the mass crowd middle finger salute and common place chant of f*** you Black Spiders comes to the fore. Not many bands would be happy with that welcome but as usual the band get involved.

Black Spiders

Next is stay down and the main thing that strikes you about the band is how much they love what they are doing. They enjoy themselves. Maybe it’s a mix of being the last show of the tour or the fact the Glasgow choir is in its usual frenzied appetite for balls out rock. Whatever the reason they are on fire tonight. They even take time out to sort out the guy texting at the barrier(c’mon mate show some respect or go home). Stick it to the man is dedicated to the somewhat lead astray Phil Rudd.

Black Spiders

As I said, it’s party time for band and audience alike and the patter flows. The band have either read up on Glasgow or as I suspect had a good few nights out here in the past as they play to the crowd and introduce just like a woman as sauchiehall woman( it’s a street in Glasgow for those not in the know).

The hits keep coming and the sweat keeps falling( yes and Ozzy gets his top off) and before we know it Kiss tried to kill me is here( one of my all time fave songs). There was an instant rise in admiration for the band when seeing this video for the first time. The warriors was the soundtrack to my teenage years. I watched it as often as possible and must know it verbatim( I wonder if the band are as apprehensive as me at the remake?).

Black Spiders

Two more songs down and we are told it’s the end of the show….and then informed its not really, they are going to hide round the corner and await us making enough noise then they will come back on( I love this as the whole encore thing really winds me up…..well that and drum solos, getting to old for this crap). They left the stage and sure enough came back on……and they were very impressed with the chants and surprised to be back ha ha.

Black Spiders

The encore sees them blast through meadow, trouble and creatures with the final tip of the hat to AC/DC with a barnstorming rendition of kicked in the teeth. What a brilliant show, what a brilliant band. Down to earth, hard working and funny as hell. I hope they are going back to the studio and come back with a blinder as I want to see them get a real foothold in the rock world. They deserve it. Now to go home, get in a shower and see if the Black Spiders grime comes off.

Black Spiders


Si, El Diablo
Stay Down
Stick it to the man
What good’s a rock without a roll?
St Peter
Just Like a woman
Kiss tried to kill me
Teenage knife gang
Blood of the kings


Kicked in the teeth





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