Towers of Flesh – Antithetical Conjurations

Reviewed: December 2014
Released: 2014, Cadlelight
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Towers of Flesh from the UK play the ever so trendy genre blackened death metal. They do it as a side project to their other bands and they do it just for the purpose of this release as there seem to be no possibility of live shows due to only two people handling the instruments on this recording.

The sound on the record is not lacking when it comes to the musical volume; the guys are handling it pretty well. It is melodic and heavy, but there are a few elements that drags the record down. The drums lies on the surface and lacks depth. If this is to keep the old school black metal sound, so be it, but it is outdated. There are a few breakdowns that are simply to plain and tends to remind of modern hardcore.

The vocals are perfect for the lover of crusty, harsh death metal and suits the music very well. Where Towers of Flesh score points is when they give time for the riffs and the vocal rises with the music. But the record is not more than a tiny piece among many an to win credibility a bit more originality must occur.

By Ellen Norvang


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Track Listing:
1) Antithetical Conjurations
2) Veiled Conception
3) Beg For Absolution
4) Blind-Worm-Cycle
5) (Imperfect) Translations
6) Concealed Within

Jack Welch: Vocals
Tom Hinksman: Guitars & Bass
Anil Carrier: Guitars, Drums & Lyrics




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