Kafirun – Death Worship

Reviewed: September 2014
Released: 2014, N/A
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Metal-Rules.com UK Team

Black metal is often associated with an anti-religious stance – bands and musicians from
the genre have been known to participate in expressing this viewpoint to varying degrees
of aggression, from lyrical tirades, to church burnings. It is one of the hallmarks of a genre
that prides itself on uncompromising brutality and honesty. Enter Canada\’s KAFIRUN with
their debut demo “Death Worship” and a staunch opposition to religion and, specifically, to

The record opens with the ominously dissonant and half-time “Beyond The Flesh Vessel”
and sets the demo\’s stall out early – bleak, atmospheric and buried beneath a blackened,
lo-fi production that only serves it\’s Lord Atmosphere. Hanephi has gone on to say that this
is the song that he feels best encapsulates the band\’s sound and ideas, and it shows.
Nightmarishly slow passages meet ghoulish screams and flashes of tremolo fury making
for a winding example in worshipping black metal\’s seminal forefathers.

Where “Beyond The Flesh Vessel” crawled, “Killer Of All Man” racks up the tempo to an
unbridled fury. Luzifaust\’s howls and screams sit atop a pandemonium of guitars and
blasts; creating a maniacal sound that bears the sonic resemblance of whatever is the
scourge of mankind. It is classic black metal – if you\’re a fan of the genre in it\’s
stereotypical and bloody form, this is for you.

Closer “Thousand Spears” continues in the same vein as its predecessor; ripping into the
listener from the off with venom and tremolo but incorporates haunting groans, moans and
chants that only further serve the atmosphere KAFIRUN are after. Supplemented with the
sparse, eerie final passage, it leaves on an uncomfortable note – it leaves a slight sense of
threat. The threat of more to come when the band releases a debut album in future.

“Death Worship” is a dark statement of intent; at merely the demo stage, the band has
their debut to come and the malicious aura that purveys this release is something to
behold. The lo-fi production encompasses the bleak compositions and adds an added
level of atmosphere to proceedings. It works, but where it falls is in the blasting sections –
there is no power or force which is a real detriment to the otherwise decent cuts of black
metal. Nevertheless, KAFIRUN\’s demo will provide a suitable, if unspectacular, soundtrack
to reading dusty tomes of the occult.

Review by: Lee Carter


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Track Listing:
1. Beyond The Flesh Vessel
2. Killer Of All Man
3. Thousand Spears

Hanephi – Guitar,
Luzifaust – Vocals,
Corpus Vile – Drums,
Hypnocrotizer – Bass.




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