Sonisphere 2014 @ Knebworth, UK

Sonisphere 2014 SUNDAY

Ever wondered what’s the best way to shake off a two-day hangover, folks?

Here’s our way to deal with sore heads. A way that’s clearly going to destroy all your grandma’s hangover cure recipes and all your drunk friends bright ideas and suggestions to have a shot of tequila for breakfast.

Our hangover cure for you is called GOJIRA (5/5) and they’re the first band to hit the main stage on Sunday just few minutes past 11am. They’re also known as one of the best live bands around and are clearly one of the most anticipated acts on Sunday. And they also play heavy-fucking-metal.


Gojira manage to gather a crowd of impressive size despite the early hours and, ohhh, the hangovers(!). And, hell no, they do not hesitate to kick-start the final day of the festival with a BANG.

Musically, these guys never seem to let their fans down in any possible way. Their set consists of chugging riff master class, mind-blowing technique, immense hooks and big-ass moshpits.


Gojira guys, themselves, seem satisfied and rather happy with the outcome despite the delayed set that prevented the guys to hit the stage on time. However, Gojira manage to live up to any of our expectations and bring a smile to our tired faces.

After playing a set of their most famous songs, like “Explosia”, “L’Enfant Sauvage” and some other hits of theirs, like “The Axe” and “Flying Whales”, Gojira leave the stage satisfied with the outcome knowing that they’ve probably bagged themselves a few more UK fans after their today’s appearance.

If you’re still not familiar with Gojira music, we suggest you get out of that cave you’ve been stuck in for few years and catch up on some of the best music around these days. (Anna)


The Axe
The Heaviest Matter of the Universe
Flying Whales
L’Enfant Sauvage
Toxic Garbage Island

Set face melting riff phasers to kill, as PROTEST THE HERO (4/5) take the 2nd stage and storm through a set consisting of only 6 songs. Never the less, the short time span is enough to raise quite the response from a very hungover crowd.

Fresh off a mammoth Europe wide tour, the band states that it’s refreshing to have such a short set, and kicks off their shoes …literally, as 2 lucky people walk away with singer Rody Walker’s shoes, who had just launched them into the crowd. (Ryan)

Bone Marrow
Sex Tapes

Sonisphere 2014
Sonisphere 2014


In front of his usual cult following of fanatics, THE DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT appears on the main stage.

Devin Townsend Project
Devin Townsend Project

Utilising the Metallica snake-pit ramp to amplify his stage presence, (and not just “make his cock look big” as Devin commented on stage) the man himself performs confidentially and with a familiar grin on his face, as his troupe storm through tracks such as “Seventh Wave”, “War” and “Juular”. As unpredictable as his mind, the music bounces around like space, but remains heavy, tight and a whole lot of fun throughout.

Devin Townsend Project
Devin Townsend Project


Next up on the Main stage are the band who, most of them all, are making sure that Rock’n’Roll spirit is kept alive to this very day. Playing Rock music influenced, by the likes of AC/DC, Status Quo and Rose Tattoo, AIRBOURNE (4.5/5) live show is honest, energetic and all-round celebration of the fundamental power of what we know as classic Rock’n’Roll.

Airbourne storm the stage with “Ready to Rock” off their latest album Black Dog Barking and instantly kick off a full-force, no-stopping, balls-out, head-banging, horns-throwing, fists-raising and beer-drinking Rock’n’Fucking Roll party. Their energy on stage is simply electric and everyone in the crownd seem to be having a ball. With songs like, “Too much, Too Young, Too Fast,” “Live It Up” and “Runnin’ Wild,” Airbourne guys make sure that not a single body in the crowd is standing still.

And then there’s just what we’ve all been waiting for. Something that’s, kind of, been the talk of the festival – “Is it or is it not going to happen!?” and “Is he gonna do it or is he not!?”

Well, apparently, climbing stupid heights on the stage with no security is, ehm… illegal!? But hey, does that sound like something that would stop Joel O’Keeffe from doing just that?

Yeah, you guessed it. …And up he goes.

Joel O’Keefee is well known for his on-stage antics, like climbing anything that’s possible to climb, smashing beer cans open to his head and downing ‘cheap’ wine like there’s no tomorrow. Those who are familiar with this, are not too surprised by Joel deciding to climbing halfway up the stage scaffoldings. However, those who are seeing Airbourne live for the first time are clearly in for a ‘heart-stopping whilst head-banging’ treat.

Gotta love them Aussie boys! (Anna)

Ready to Rock
Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast
Chewin’ the Fat
Black Dog Barking
Girls In Black
Cheap Wine & Cheaper Women
Live It Up
Runnin’ Wild

Sonisphere 2014
Sonisphere 2014


That awkward moment when it suddenly kicks in that the festival is slowly approaching its end and you just can’t help but to feel a little saddened by it. Yet at the same time, there’s absolutely no time for being sentimental, as one of the most talked-about bands of the year are about to hit the Main Stage.

MASTODON (4.5/5) are back in Knebworth for Sonisphere 2014 with a brand new album Once More ‘Round The Sun under their belts and they’re surely here to present it in the best and loudest way possible.


Mastodon are one of those bands that stand out, because they’re somewhat different. And not because they’re a metal band with ridiculously colourful album artworks or anything like that.

Being the excellent musicians they are and always taking a different approach to their musical concepts and song writing, they manage to stand out without putting much effort to it.

Mastodon live show today is all about strong musicianship, excellent sound and setlist put together to ensure that their fans needs are satisfied. Alongside best of their classic hits, like “Oblivion”, “Black Tongue” and “Aqua Dementia,” Mastodon make sure to throw in some of their new material, like “The Motherload” and “High Road”. And we tell you something… It sounds bloody epic and catchy enough to become the next biggest tracks on Mastodon catalog. (Anna)

The Motherload
Black Tongue
Crystal Skull
Chimes at Midnight
High Road
Aqua Dementia

Sonisphere 2014
Sonisphere 2014

Something that makes ALICE IN CHAINS (5/5) performance stand out at a festival where most bands are somewhat affected by the sound quality problems beyond their reach, is their crystal clear sound accompanied by their unique stage presence.

Kicking off their set with the classic Alice In Chains tune “Them Bones,” Jerry Cantrell and the boys are greeted by a packed-out Arena of enthusiastic fans. It’s not been too long since Alice In Chains last played in the UK, but it seems that we just can’t get enough of them.

Performing some of their ultimate hits, like “Man in the Box,” “No Excuses,” “Would?” and “Rooster,” Alice In Chains, once again, not only prove that William DuVall is the ultimate frontman and replacement of the late Layne Staley, but also that the band has not lost their momentum ever since they got together.

Also introducing the crowd to some of their latest material, like “Hollow” and “Stone” off The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, Alice In Chains today’s setlist is not too full of surpsies, but is a rather excellent mix of material taken from the band’s music catalogue not putting too much focus on either new or older material. (Anna)

Them Bones
Dam That River
Check My Brain
Man in the Box
No Excuses
It Ain’t Like That
We Die Young

Sonisphere 2014
Sonisphere 2014

And then it’s finally time for Sunday headliners METALLICA (4/5) to put an end to what has been an outstanding weekend full of great music and ridiculous amount of fun. The Arena is absolutely packed out as every single living, breathing and no matter how tired soul of Sonishpere are gathered by the Main Stage to witness the fathers of Thrash Metal and one of the greatest bands in the rock and metal history to put on a show of the weekend. But after 33 years of roller coaster ride of a career, do Metallica still got what it takes to blow the roof off?

After causing quite a fuss with their Glastobury 2014 headline slot after announcing that their only UK appearance in 2014 is going to be at Sonisphere, Metallica might have pissed a few people off. But then again… They are Metallica – the biggest heavy metal band in the world (alongside Iron Maiden, of course) and they can do whatever they please, you like it or not.

As their tonight’s performance at Sonisphere is a part of Metallica By Request tour, fans are rather keen to hear what Metallica songs they all have have chosen for this particular show. So for once, it really is not the right time and place to complain about Metallica setlist. You could still complain about anything else like the drummer, the beer being expensive or you being a tired old fart, but not about the setlist. Not this time.

And to be perfectly honest, once and for all, there seemed to be nothing wrong with Metallica setlist. Fans got their dose of Kill ‘Em All, Master Of Puppets, Ride The Lightning and no St. Anger (thank fuck).

For those who’ve seen Metallica before a couple of times, tonight’s performance might not stand out as a particularily great one or seem memorable enough with lack of energy witin the crowd and somehow also on the stage.

For us in the crowd, three days of heavy metal and heavy drinking in the middle of a field is an excuse good enough why we’d feel drained and with no enrgy left in us, but as for Metallica..? Well, maybe the too just had a long week and all.

Apart from the missing energy and drive, the band manage to deliver a pounding set of classics, ballads and even some thrash metal to please those not too keen on hearing “Nothing Else Matters”. A positive surprise is “Whiskey in the Jar” being included in the setlist as the first song of the encore. It definitely seems to have waken up the crowd a little bit, as it’s the ultimate anthem off Metallica’s covers album Garage, Inc.

Overall a great set by Metallica, yet nothing mind-blowing or spectacular this time. However it’s not all doom and gloom at camp Metallica, as they throw in a completely new song “Lords of Summer” to make us slightly over-excited on possible rumours of a brand new Metallica album in the making.

We keep our fingers crossed and carry on believing in one of the greatest metal bands to ever walk the Earth. (Anna)

Battery (without taped intro)
Master of Puppets
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Ride the Lightning
The Unforgiven
Lords of Summer
Sad But True (With fan introduction)
Fade to Black
Creeping Death
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Blackened (With fan introduction)
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman
Whiskey in the Jar (Lena Bourne Fish cover)
…And Justice for All (Vote of the Day)
Seek & Destroy

And now we’re off to the bar for that one last drink to celebrate what’s been a hell of a weekend full of music, fun, making new friends and simply having the best time in the world. UK team would like to thank each and every person involved in organizing Sonisphere and bringing it back to Knebworth after two long years of silence.

Bring on next year even bigger and better!




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