Lacrima – 18th Anniversary CD

Lacrima - 18th anniversary CD
Lacrima – 18th anniversary CD

The oldest Polish doom metal band, Lacrima, have announced the release of a new CD to celebrate their 18th anniversary. It’s the band’s fifth CD. For a few years Lacrima was inactive – it reactivated in 2011 and realeased the CD “Old Man’s Hands”, followed by tours in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Czech Republic and Finland.

Early in 2014 Lacrima toured with Antimatter. This summer, Lacrima has a festival tour over a number of large festivals, among others, Masters of Rock (CZ), Castle Party (PL), Gothoom Open Air (SVK), Klang Open Air (LV).

The tracklist for the new CD includes the compilation of songs from the earliest releases of Lacrima through its later CDs:

1. Trivial Wishes
2. Almanac
3. I shouldn’t
4. The Light
5. Epilog
6. Black Funeral Rose (instrumental)
7. The Time of the Knight’s Return
8. Chalice of Memories
9. Innocent
10. Backwards
11. Alar Shadows

“A Story from Limbo” will be released on the 13.09.2014.

Lacrima live:
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