Elton John – The Million Dollar Piano (Blu-Ray)

Elton John
The Million Dollar Piano (Blu-Ray)
2014, Eagle Rock Ent.
Rating: 4/5

As with many artists today that have been around for years they tend to have periods that didn’t appeal to a lot of people. Elton is one of those artists. His 70’s output was fantastic for the most part but by the mid-80’s he became to Pop and his Disney stuff (while commercially successful) was horrendous. So why review a new concert by him and from Vegas at that?

For THE MILLION DOLLAR PIANO Elton does a tremendous set with mainly his older and greatest hits, PLUS his backing band includes Davey Johnstone and Nigel Olsson from the original Elton John Band. Yes his voice isn’t what it used to be but he does give it his all and puts on a wonderful show nonetheless.

Hearing all the old hits again is what you’d want from Elton. Personally I would not want to hear anything he’s done since ’86 so this is the near perfect setlist. He spends the entire show seated at ‘The Million Dollar’ piano which is a work of art on it’s own. His little song intro’s are interesting and gives a little insight into the track or his memory of playing it at another show. One such example is his intro and performance of “Mona Lisa and Mad Hatter’s”. Telling the story of the 9/11 show and what would he play and he chose this deep cut that he wrote about New York many years before. His renditions of the Rockers is quite interesting. Hearing him belt out “Bitch Is Back” and “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting” is what Elton is to me. Those old albums were his best and what he is known for. Yes he does include a few newer track like “Circle Of Life” for the newer fans but the show is mostly comprised of his 70’s output.

Visually the picture is crystal clear and his stage is pure Vegas without being too over the top. This is surprising as you’d expect it to be a massive stage setup where it’s both Elton AND Vegas.

Audio-wise the mix is great and all instrumentation is heard with nothing buried in the mix. Elton’s vocals and piano are slightly more prominent but that is expected. The DTS mix really gives you the concert hall sound. Perfectly suited for this show.

If you are a fan of older Elton John then I recommend you pick up this Blu-Ray. For newer fans this is a good introduction to the Classic material. Whichever category you fall into this release is one you should check out.