Interview with Pet The Preacher

Interview with Pet The Preacher

Do you like big riffs & haunting vocals? Let me introduce you to your new favourite band Pet The Preacher. The Danish 3 piece have just toured Europe with the mighty Acid King and released their 2nd full length The Cave & The Sunlight. We caught up with Vocalist/Guitarist Christian Hede Madsen to speak about all things Pet The Preacher and his views on Game Of Thrones. Don’t worry, there’s no spoilers if you haven’t seen the epic climax of season 4.


No better place to start than the beginning I guess. You guys grew up in Denmark, correct? What was the music scene like there growing up?

Christian Hede Madsen( CHM): “I grew up on a little island called Bornholm, and Torben(bass) and Christian (drums) grew up south of Copenhagen. We all had a lot of different interests growing up not only music. But generally: Denmark is a great country to grow up in many ways. We have had some good bands, but besides Merciful Fate and now Volbeat, hard rock and metal have not been at the forefront. But we are trying to change that with all we do.”

Who were the bands/musicians that made you want to pick up instruments in the first place?

CHM: “Eric Clapton Unplugged was my first big musical experience. Then Metallica and Led Zeppelin. It all grew from there and I have been around all genres, and love most of them. Torben was shaped by Jimi Hendrix and Christian by Metallica. But we have so many diverse influences. Both instrumentally and musically.”

What’s the story behind Pet The Preacher’s inception?

CHM: “We played together in another band that disbanded. We wanted to play something darker and heavier. It all grew from there. The music brought us together. We did not know each other growing up, but this music made a bond we can’t ignore. Good rock music is a way of life.”

Fast forward a few years. You guys have just released The Cave & The Sunlight. What’s the feedback like since its release?

CHM: “Overwhelming. We are really grateful for all the great feedback. We can’t wait to bring it on the road and do these songs justice.”

Who did the albums artwork? It’s pretty badass!

CHM: “Emy R. from Arrache Toi Un Oeil. She is fantastic. Check her out and support her work, that is all I can say!”

You recently toured the UK with Acid King. How was that?

CHM: “We toured Europe with Acid King actually. It went really well. We love those guys. Bristol, Leeds and Edinburgh were awesome. Paris and London never disappoint either. We could feel that people had a genuine interest in what we are doing. That is just really fucking cool!”

Have you guys got any festival appearances coming up. If so, who are you most looking forward to seeing?

CHM: “No festivals, but a few shows with Pentagram and a big tour in the fall. More on that soon hehe”

What’s your best album of the year so far, and what one cant you wait to be released?

CHM: “The Satanist by Behemoth. Really looking forward to new Metallica and Uncle Acid and the deadbeats.”

Favourite band that you’ve toured with/listen to, that no one’s heard of

CHM: “By The Patient, Elder, Förtress, The Psyke Project”

Imagine this scenario. Pet The Preacher have a “trial by combat” against one another. What’s your weapon of choice, and who would emerge victorious?

CHM: “We would all pick swords and soon die of exhaustion while trying to swing them.”

You may (or may not of) noticed the Game Of Thrones reference in the previous question. What’s your thoughts on the George RR Martin epic?

CHM:” I love it. I am a big medieval fantasy fan. I read The Lord Of The Rings 3 times a year in my teens. I love all that.”

And finally. What’s the bands plan going into the start of next year?

CHM: “Write album number III in the fall/winter while touring and record in January/February. We will do all we can to outdo ourselves and write some fantastic songs. Let’s see how it goes haha.”
By Ryan Spearman



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