ONWARD – Missing Album “New Fathoms Down” Released!

ONWARD – New Fathoms Down
ONWARD – New Fathoms Down

Shredguy Records has officially released Onward’s “missing” album fourth album New Fathoms Down.

“This album is for the Onward audience and dedicated to the late Michael Grant. As promised, we are happy to bring you Onward’s “New Fathoms Down”! It’s complete.” states guitarist Toby Knapp who has spent the last few weeks restoring the album. The vocals and music were originally recorded in raw demo form in 2002 and Knapp re-tracked instruments this year.

Order the CD here: shredguyrecords.bigcartel.com/product/onward-new-fathoms-down-cd



New Fathoms Down tracklist:

“New Fathoms Down”
“Front Line Away”
“The End Of Loneliness”
“I Will Be Waiting”
“Sleeper’s Island”
“The Ghosts Of Might Be Madness”
“The Day That Nothing Died”
“Runaway Day”
“Enemy 9”


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