ONWARD – Missing Album “New Fathoms Down” Song Sample Online

The missing Onward album, New Fathoms Down, will be released on July 1st through Shredguy Records. The late Michael Grant’s vocals were tracked in 2002 and the majority of the music has been re-recorded due to lack of a source tape. A teaser of the album is now streaming.

Toby Knapp, who completed the restoration of the album states: “All the original demos were recorded with cassettes, and no master could be located to isolate and remix, so I basically rebuilt all the music again over the one recording I had, and luckily Mike’s vocals were loud in the mix. Completion of the project happened fast because I was extremely inspired to do this- it was hard to quit once I started hearing the songs come to fruition. Mike always wanted his music accounted for and eventually released. So it’s my gift to him and his fans and the Onward audience.”



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