MAXX12 releases the new album “Special Forces” on NEXCORP Records

MAXX12 is proud to announce the release of their new CD “Special Forces”. The 16 track CD features artists T Michael Riddle (Rooster) on guitar, Albert Mendez on lead vocals, Jon Hampton (Jonny Mongoose) bass and vocals, and Chris Sepulveda on percussion and vocals, and Jack Lasaud (Manager). With brand new band members along with 13 new songs including their innovative and scorching new hit single “Headed for the Sun”, MAXX12 has once again proven their incredible staying power at the #1 position in the Rock Music Genre Chart on Reverbnation. The buzz here in the U.S. and Canada as well as overseas is that MAXX12’s music is proving to be placed in that highly sought after position of modern and classic timeless sounds. Their song’s have captured the attention of a wide age group and has even crossed over into several different genres as well. Critic’s and Radio Personalities are already heralding this MAXX12 sophomore release “Special Forces” as likely to become a true rock classic by years end! The new members of MAXX12 have been working out famously. The ability to develop themes into suitable lyrics requires skill and creativity. Thankfully, those abilities can be found in the band’s brand new songs like “Headed For The Sun”, “MAXX12”, “Revolution”,  and “Rockbound” which have catapulted this swamp rawk metal outfit into a new realm of popularity. “Unbroken Chain” is the latest in a string of hit song’s from the men of MAXX12, and has found it’s way to numerous radio station’s throughout the United State’s, Canada and overseas…

Not long ago, the Rock world observed the two year anniversary of the passing of guitar virtuoso and rock legend Ronnie Montrose (1947-2012). The loss of this rock hero left a lasting impression on the members of MAXX12. The friendship formed by T. Michael Riddle (guitar, vocals), Jon Hampton (bass) and Ronnie Montrose back in 1984 shaped a lifelong bond as well as a congruent musical collaboration. The results of that potent partnership are evident in their debut release “Raw”… Joining MAXX12 in the studio this time around is Aaron Leigh (Echo of Souls, Frank Hannon Band) at the helm providing his production prowess. If the folks associated with this recording venture are any indication, these fresh tracks promise to propel MAXX12 into the forefront of the Rock Music scene. After Ronnie Montrose passing Aron Leigh had some big shoes to fill, and he has filled them very well indeed! Any true Rock music devotee will declare with assuredness that the Rock / Metal scene is alive and well in the 21st century. New groups are also rising from the embers that sustain this music genre called Rock. MAXX12 is one such band that is keeping the music scene thriving and successful in this new era.  It is no wonder that the dedicated disciples of Rock music are keeping MAXX12 at the top of the charts both locally and nationally. Interestingly enough, die-hard MAXX12 fans have made comparisons to such original appealing bands as Chicken Foot, Cheap Trick, Bad Company, and Iron Maiden. The band offers up a perfect blend of brilliant sounding melodic vocals, fresh guitar riffs and licks, harmonious bass runs, thundering drum kicks with an overall touch of timeless timbres. It is no wonder that the dedicated disciples of Rock music are keeping MAXX12 at the top of the charts both locally and nationally.

MAXX12 would like to personally thank all of our fan’s here and worldwide (fast approaching 100,000) for your wonderful & dedicated support over the last 3 year’s. New fans as well as old timer fans have all agreed that MAXX12 continues to deliver the goods when it comes to songwriting expertise. Take a listen for yourself and you will surely, and quickly become a MAXX12 fan… Be sure to catch them at a venue near you in 2013!

Come take a listen for yourself and you will surely, and quickly become a MAXX12 fan!

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***Note – This week The Song MAXX12 by MAXX12 had 16,000 fans click on the advertisements, 3,813 fans interacted with MAXX12. There were 3,737 plays – 1,147 like’s – 519 download’s – 286 share’s with friends – 124 more added e-mails – while numbers for MAXX12 are now sitting at 106% higher than Genre Average, 17 more radio stations began playing new MAXX12 songs, and some are still in full rotation Nationwide.

Local Rank has been #1 for several months now
National Rank is #57
Global Rank is #91
Global Rank (All Genre’s) #574

There is a bonus track included on the new CD titled MONGOOSE which was produced by RONNIE MONTROSE and actually features Ronnie Montrose as the voice of Rikki Tiki Tavi on the song as well..

Total Fans from: ReverbNation/Facebook/MySpace/I-Tunes/Sound Cloud/Twitter  92,341