Ronny Munroe – Electric Wake

Reviewed: June 2014
Released: 2014, Rat Pak Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

Metal Church vocalist comes to us with a brand new solo album in less than a year after the band’s killer release GENERATION NOTHING. After only a couple of plays I am really enjoying this as much as I did the latest Metal Church album. It is very similar to his band’s music just a little more traditional and slightly less Thrash.

ELECTRIC WAKE was over two years in the making and well worth it. From the opening track “Burning Time” to the first release “United” which ends the disc we are treated to some classic Metal. Munroe gets a little help from label-mate George Lynch on the song “Ghosts” and he duets with Pamela Moore (Queensryche’s Sister Mary) on the track “The Others that also features Tesla’s Dave Rude. With a Metal line-up like this how could you lose? The song that really stands out is “Pray”, it has mellow parts that show how strong a vocalist Ronny is but it is so powerful both musically and lyrically that it will stay with you. An excellent song all around. The disc ends out with two more excellent songs, “The Other” which is the duet with Pamela Moore who is an amazing vocalist and the debut single “United” which is intense lyrically.

An excellent disc of Classic Metal that is sure to satisfy.


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Track Listing:
Burning Time
Ghosts (featuring George Lynch)
Electric Wake
Turn To Stone
My Shadow
Not You Not Me
Ritual Damage
Sleepless Mountain
The Others (featuring Pamela Moore & Dave Rude of Tesla)