Does SXSW 2014


By Robert Williams

Live footage courtesy of Sandra Torres

The SXSW festival merges music, film, art and interactive showcases from around the world and is held every year in the month of March in Austin, Texas. For one week there are thousands of bands performing at any number of venues in downtown Austin. The streets are jam packed with thrill seekers, industry folks, journalists, tourists and pedicabs. In years past we have witnessed monolithic megastar headlining acts like Metallica, Motorhead and Voivod perform at SXSW, not to mention upcoming lesser known acts like 1349, Steel Panther, Crashdiet and Sabaton who all went on to establish themselves as forces to be reckoned with. Having attended the SXSW festival for years I was going in with the knowledge that you never really know what to expect as the lineup is usually a mixed bag of sorts but 2014 will truly be remembered as the year of the underdogs as there really were no giant marquee level showcasing metal acts at this year’s SXSW festival with a rabid, cult following to speak of. From the bands perspective their performance could be considered a “make or break” situation, a chance to prove themselves on foreign soil or impress the likes of prospective record labels, for the fans it was both mysterious as it was enjoyable witnessing some leaner, greener, less established metal acts perform. This year we have compiled some in-concert showcase footage from the likes of Primitive Man, Obliteration, Nothing, Christian Mistress, Kadavar and Orchid.