Brother Firetribe – Diamond In The Firepit

Reviewed: June 2014
Released: 2014, Spinefarm Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

Brother Firetribe was born in 2002 in Finland when two symphonic metal musicians, Pekka Ansio Heino (singer of Leverage) and Emppu Vuorinen (guitarist of Nightwish), decided to combine their love for melodic rock. Although they delayed to record their debut album (FALSE METAL/BREAK OUT in 2006) and their second was released no more than 6 years, Brother Firetribe are back with another new AOR strike, DIAMOND IN THE FIREPIT!

This new effort is a great example of how a good piece of AOR can be created. The result will completely vindicated any expectation and suspense. With their third release, DIAMOND IN THE FIREPIT, Brother Firetribe will disappoint noone! Not only their fans, but also the entire AOR community. The third album is worthy successor of HEART FULL OF FIRE, besides this time round Emppu Vourinen proves his skills on guitar giving it a little more \”hard\” character than we are used to the two previous albums, while the majestic Tompa Nikylainen’s keyboards add the suitable 80’s feeling.

We tasted the first sample of this record through the release of the single with “For Better or For Worse” hit track, a song written for arenas. the first single got us the taste for what\’s next … And the truth is that from the first track, you know what you\’ll hear next! Throughout the disc duration (extended to 50 minutes) have a great rotation of melodic rock and hard rock. From the very first song \”Love\’s Not Enough\” anyone will find excellent AOR melodies with \”catchy\” chorus. A loud riff opens the \”Edge of Forever\” and choruses that will not tear away from your mind. Surprise is not the fact that even the cover you have chosen, \”Winner Takes it all\” of Sammy Hagar hangs perfectly in the tray. From the highlights of the album are \”For Better or For Worse\”, \”Edge of Forever\” and \”Tired Of Dreaming\” which you want to put the play on repeat.

To sum up, DIAMOND IN THE FIREPIT is recommended for AOR fans who will love it while others will be the AOR newcomers.


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Track Listing:
2. Love’s Not Enough
3. Ascension Of The Deceased Far Away From Love
4. For Better or for Worse
5. Desperately
6. Edge of Forever
7. Hanging by a Thread
8. Trail of Tears
9. Winner Takes It All
10. Tired of Dreaming
11. Reality Bites
12. Close To The Bone

Pekka Ansio Heino – Vocals
Emppu Vuorinen – Guitar
Tomppa Nikulainen – keys
Jason Flinck – bass
Kalle Torniainen – drums