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It’s absolutely wild to think that Metal Rules has been around for 19 years and that next year is our 20th anniversary! When this all started, I had no idea that it would be around nearly two decades later and that at 19 years in, we’d be celebrating our 10,000th review! It has gotten to this point not just because of my single-mindedness of purpose, but because of the hard work of our dedicated staff, both current and past, and because of people like you who continue to pop by to check out our reviews, interviews, live reviews, etc. For the many years you’ve supported us, and for the countless hours our staff has put in to bring you new content, I want to send out a heartfelt thank you!!!

I had to be nudged to commemorate and acknowledge this 10,000 review thing, as I am not one who feels comfortable boasting , I’d rather just keep things rolling and work towards the next 10,000 reviews. On that front, I chose the album for the 10,000th review based on some simple criteria. It had to be for something that I felt represents the site and REAL heavy metal perfectly. As such, it also had to be something that meant something to me personally. That album is SCREAMING FOR VENGEANCE by the Metal Gods, Judas Priest!  After the comparatively lackluster POINT OF ENTRY, the band came back with the album that really broke them into the North American market and clearly left an impact upon me for life.

Check HERE to read the review for this timeless classic.

Judas Priest - Screaming For Vengeance
Judas Priest – Screaming For Vengeance

Note from JP, Managing Editor

Do not let EvilG’s pleasantries and false modesty above fool you.  He is a tyrannical overlord who will stop at nothing. His goal is total global domination and rules with an iron fist in a velvet glove.  His will shall not be denied. He wishes unholy death and everlasting pain on the enemies of true Metal.  I am but his humble servant and he has allowed me to speak about this milestone.

I had the evil delight of joining the MR Staff back in 1999 or so.  I’ve watched our site grow and grow like an evil Metal virus, spreading the disease across the globe.  By reaching the milestone of 10,000 reviews we have been preaching the cause of Metal  by supporting one album, one DVD, one book at a time as brick by brick we built our empire.  Not only have we written 10,000 lessons in violence, we have written over 1000 interviews and almost 900 concert reviews.  Over our almost  two decades of aggression we are now of the worlds largest and longest running Heavy Metal webzines.   We could not have done this without the ruthless and relentless enslavement of an army of talented writers, photographers, web-designers, transcribers, and editors.  These dark minions have spread across the globe like a black plague sweeping the land and entrenching themselves into the  glorious nations of Canada, America, England, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Greece, India, and Australia reporting back to EvilG about the war on false music that rages everyday. These metal warriors bring you the information from the trenches and front lines every day, concerts, interviews, and of course reviews.

We most acknowledge the hard work and generosity of those supporters and people friendly to our eternal cause; the promoters, agents,  band managers, record company people, publicists, PR people, who have helped our endless crusade, we salute you.   Support them as they support us.  Lastly, we thank you, the reader.  Without, you, your support, your comments, your love letters (and hate mail), buying our merchandise and visiting us every day, we would not be where we are today.  Don’t forget to enter our Ten Thousand Strong contest as a tiny thank you to our loyal readers. Hail and kill.



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