Fierce Atmospheres – Eric Gosselin



Interview with Eric Gosselin

Conducted by Robert Williams

I first met Fierce Atmospheres lead guitarist Eric Gosselin when he joined a local Austin, Texas based black metal band I used to play drums for called Of the Fallen. Eric was from Maine and had performed in a technical death metal band back home called Living Impaired. I remembered Eric as being an exceptionally technical guitarist and very much into progressive song structures. I was not overly surprised when I head that he went on to perform with Nasty Savage at some of the bigger Euro summer metal festivals. Eric went on to form Fierce Atmospheres and relocated his new band to several cities and states before finally calling Illinois home. Eric’s old band Living Impaired eventually went on to reform and now the gifted guitarist finds himself with double duty…

How are you doing today Eric?

Very good Robert.It was great to see you in Chicago in April….

Great to see you too, Eric! Fierce Atmosheres have been a band since 2001. I know there have been several line-up changes along the way. Tell me about how the band initially formed. How did you guys first meet and end up playing together in the beginning?

Well,it first started after I was done with Of the Fallen down in  Austin, Texas. I had been writing along the way and had a ton of ideas going. I hooked up with Bryan Cameron and we started basically jamming in my living room and slowly got Dustin Putz on drums, Trevor Haynes on bass and Jon Quick (Of the Fallen) on vocals for our first demo that we recorded at Affordable Sound in Austin.

Fierce Atmoshpheres emerged with the Gale Force demo back in 2003 and that garnered you guys a moderate amount of coverage in a number of metal magazines at that time. How do you think your sound has developed since that time?

Well, our production values have gone way up and the writing has progressed I think as well.”Gale Force” was the foundation we built on but it was certainly rough on the edges…


Five years after you introduced Fierce Atmospheres to the world you returned with a three song demo recorded in Nashville, Tennessee and you followed that up with a five song EP in 2012 entitled “Where Night & Day Begin”. Do you guys generally commit to a four to five years per album schedule just taking your time hammering out the material over & over and refining and restructuring?

Well not really, that is something that happened because of long distance issues and me moving around a bit.Our drummer Bruce Odonal of 3 years lived in Maine while I  was in Champaign,Illinois reeling in guys from Chicago and even Iowa with members from as far away as Florida.


Let’s talk about the recent return of your old band Living Impaired. In 1998 Living Impaired released the “Blossom & Decay” album and then took about a fifteen year hiatus. What was going on in the band during that time and how did you guys end up eventually reuniting and releasing “Through The Looking Glass”?

That was something that came about by me visiting hometown in Lewiston, Maine a lot over the years and hanging out with the guys. Living Impaired ended in turmoil which is no secret but we all remained friends when all was said and done. We talked about it alot and never felt it was the right time for a reunion though. When we did decide, the guys flew out to Chicago to lay down some tracks and we released the CD along with a reunion show in our hometown which was a great success and we were really stoked to see the support from all of our old friends and fans. 


I understand you had a brief stint as a live guitarist for Nasty Savage. What was that like?

Nasty Savage was still the most professional situation I have ever been thrown into. They are absolute pros and do not mess around. It still feels like a dream to have done what I did with them. Unforgettable.

When did you first start playing the guitar and what originally inspired you to do so?

I started playing in 1986 and I would say KISS started it all. I was seven years old when I first got the “Alive II” album and I never looked back…

Who would you consider your primary musical influences as a guitarist?

I am still a huge fan of Yngwie Malmsteen and guys that shred like that, but I really like a lot of European Power Metal and music that has great songwriting. You can shred all day but you got to have killer songs to separate yourself.

What’s next on your agenda for the remainder of 2014? Which band do you plan on staying the busiest with…

I will probably be more busy with Fierce Atmospheres as we are heading to Nashville again in  June to record our new disc and then we play at The Midwest Metal Anthem in Lombard,IL in August which we are looking forward to. Living Impaired will be playing in Maine though as well in July but I’m not really sure what else we’re gonna do. Time will tell…

I’d like to thank you for taking the time to talk metal with me today Eric. Before we wrap this up do you have any last words for your fans reading at home?

Well,I appreciate the support from anyone that has helped us including guys like you that are so dedicated to the scene. Also any radio interviewers and people that have come to our shows. Thank you and thanks for the interview Robert!