Lebanese Heavy Metal Band ZIX Taps 7x Grammy-Winning Producer Steve Thompson

ZIX is a female-fronted Lebanese heavy-metal band devoted to breaking metal music in the Mid-East. Formed in 2010 by composer/bassist Ziad, ZIX has been featured in a huge amount of metal-related magazines, webzines and blogs offering very high and promising reviews on their debut EP and covering its revolutionary project. ZIX is fronted by Maya on vocals with her powerful voice and ability of creating imagery with her singing moods and mocking tunes. Juan Carrizo, a guitar guru and technical master from Argentina, grabs you with dense, atmospheric melodies and well-crafted tunes that haunt you long after the song is over. Ziad shreds hard in the background like a tank, with his oriental massive sections, keeping everything tight and knit together in the manner of the great Steve Harris of Iron Maiden. And drummer Kenny Earl Rhino (Ex Manowar) brings incredible musicianship and double-bass, taking the band to a whole new level.

Steve Thompson is a 7x Grammy-winning producer-mixer-arranger-writer with 150+ diamond, platinum and gold albums. Thompson’s credits include: “Appetite for Destruction,” Guns N Roses; Anthrax (many); “And Justice for All,” Metallica; “Blackout,” hed pe; “Freak on a Leash, Follow the Leader, etc.,” KORN; “Every Six Seconds,” Saliva; Tesla (many); among many, many more.

7x Grammy-winning producer Steve Thompson will mix the Mid-East metal protest album recorded by Lebanese-based female-fronted heavy-metal band ZIX. The 10-song album entitled “Tides of the Final War” will meld classic metal with a fusion of cross-cultural influences, together with the Thompson touch that has graced 150+ diamond, platinum and gold records.

The track “Metal Strike,” a courageous song protesting the oppression of metal heads throughout the Mid-East, will feature an all-star cast of metal heavy-hitters, including: Tony Martin (Ex-Black Sabbath); Official Blaze Bayley (Ex-Iron Maiden); Paul Di’Anno (Ex-Iron Maiden); Ronny MunroeMetal Church); Ross The Boss (Ex-Manowar/Death Dealer); DSG/David Shankle Group (DSG); Jack Starr’s BURNING STARR (official) (Burning Star); Rhino (Ex-Manowar/Death Dealer), who plays drums on the entire album; Giles LaveryDragonsclaw, Warlord); David Lord Volture Marcelis
Lord Volture); Frederic Bartolomucci(Legend); Stu Hammer MarshallDeath Dealer/@Empires of Eden) and Paul Shortino (Quiet Riot, Rough Cutt; Raiding the Rock Vault). This huge cast of stars is is joined by local metal celebrities such as VocalistDANY DEAïBESSon the lead vocals, Vík Bajac(Impulse); Tony Ghanem (Ostura); Walid WolfLust (Kaoteon) and Nathalie J (@bandage) who is a Lebanese metal activist who has worked with the likes of Doug Katsaros (Aerosmith).

In classic metal style, the album will tell an apocalyptic story – this one about a normal human-being who finds himself in today’s world where he sees good and evil but struggles to understand which is which in the wake of an apocalyptical global digital revolution that will bring forth the new age of Aquarius.

Album Track List:

• Night of evil
• Heaven’s eyes
• The crucible
• Dark days of Babylon
• The buyer of souls
• A thousand wars at sea
• The warwhore
• Shadow of a dying sun
• Tides of the final war
• Metal Strike

The artwork was created by Anime Artist Philippe Hage Boutros




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